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The ideal workstation for both acoustic and electric guitars

GrundorfMT-004-FXGrundorf Corporation, a leading manufacturer of equipment for musicians and audio professionals, is pleased to introduce the new GMT-004 Guitar Maintenance Table. Designed as the ultimate toolbox / guitar workspace for both electric and acoustic guitars, this one-of-a-kind work table features separate compartments to keep tools, strings, and supplies handy.

Of particular note, the new GMT-004 Guitar Maintenance Table folds in half to make it extremely convenient for travel while keeping one’s supplies secure. The unique design of this case keeps the system compact while providing ample space when actually working on an instrument. Adding still greater practicality to its versatile design, the GMT-004 Guitar Maintenance Table comes equipped with non-marring plastic corners, surface mounted ‘pad-lockable’ latches, a sturdy plastic handle, and is finished in black vinyl. The result is an extremely compact, versatile, and durable workspace designed to provide years of exceptional service.

The new Grundorf GMT-004 Guitar Maintenance Table measures 4.75 X 20.50 X 16.25 inches (Height – Width – Depth). The table weighs 8 pounds.

Frank Grund, President of Grundorf Corporation, commented on the new GMT-004, “Manufactured here in the USA, our new GMT-004 Guitar Maintenance Table is the ideal ‘toolbox’ for both guitarists and guitar technicians alike. If you perform guitar maintenance, then this table is for you. Its compact form factor, light weight, and versatile folding design that, once open, provides ample space for both acoustic and electric guitars, makes it a terrific guitar maintenance system that can easily—and quickly—travel anywhere.”

The new Grundorf GMT-004 Guitar Maintenance Table carries an MSRP of $149.95. The case is available now.

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