Non-Church-Related Events

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Hosting community events outside of normal church activities is a good way to raise your profile in the community and increase traffic through your facilities. Events like holiday celebrations, fall and spring festivals, clothes drives, blood drives, public school events, and carnivals help to build a bridge to the community and grow your congregation. Color-changing lights can be used to highlight these events, drawing attention to the space, and help to reinforce a theme such as using patriotic red, white, and blue colors for the Fourth of July or for hosting public elections. Weddings, funerals, retirement parties, or other celebrations can also benefit from splashes of beautiful color accents or a color wash to completely transform a space.

Using colored light can be very cost-effective as well and using LED color makes it very easy to transform with the push of a button or the click of a mouse to suit the occasion. Whether it calls for Christmas colors or an Easter sunrise, fixtures like the Chroma-Q Color Force II 12, 48, and 72, and the PROLIGHTS EclCyclorama 100 can be used to wash large swaths of surface area in environments that are protected from the elements, and the EclProfile FS can provide image projection as well as color light projection. For lighting large surfaces, walls, softgoods like drops and curtains, LED color wash fixtures like the Chroma-Q Color One 100X can provide a wide gamut of saturated and pastel colors.

Experiential and Emotionally Connective Music

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Music evokes emotion, and lighting can enhance or heighten the visceral response to music. This is one area where color theory can help. Color can be used to symbolize a “mood” or an emotion by washing the platform with saturated color or color combinations. Red is often associated with high energy (like a red sports car), excitement, or love. Green can be a calming color (think of a forest) or it can represent money or good health. Blue is an appealing color, and it probably has the widest spectrum, although the camera sometimes has difficulty reproducing subtle shades of blue. Yellow is the happiest and brightest color, and violet can evoke strong emotions. With a little research and experimentation, you can learn how certain colors affect the feel of a space.

As a starting point to experiment with color combinations, the color wheel provides a good tool to explore the seven contrasts. Starting at any point on the color wheel, combining it with the color on the opposite side of the wheel creates a contrast of complements. For example, medium blue and bright yellow create a strong contrast with a lot of tension, yet, for most people, it is a very pleasing look. Combining colors closer to each other on the color wheel can create less contrast and combining adjacent colors on the color wheel (analogous colors) creates simple color harmony. Combining three colors equidistant from each other on the color wheel creates a color triad and it can be visually pleasing and balanced. Several other color combinations can be discovered by taking a deeper dive into the seven contrasts.

U.K. based A.C. Worldwide Group is pleased to announce some new appointments as part of its successful strategy for continual growth.

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Phill Capstick who has been with the business for 37 years will step up to the role of CEO in UK based A.C. Entertainment Technologies and following 25 years of success Jonathan Walters becomes the Company’s Managing Director.

In other UK news, Andy Dodd will be retiring from his executive role on the Board of Flashlight Ltd, but the Company is delighted to announce he has accepted a Non-Executive Directorship so will still be helping the Flashlight team and their loyal Customer’s.

elektraLite Illuminates the Message at the 2022 Experience Conference

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When church worship leaders, praise teams, pastors, worship musicians and their tech teams need to know what’s new and share their knowledge and concerns about how technology can best help communicate their message, there’s nothing like the Experience Conference. Held at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida this year, the annual event hosts hundreds of leaders from around the country and across denominational lines at what has become one of the largest creative arts and worship conferences in America. There, they can connect in community with one another and become better equipped with key communications and entertainment resources.

This year, EC22, as it was known, saw a diverse lineup of familiar Christian speakers and musicians, including Contemporary Christian music megastar Chris Tomlin, Cody Carnes, Jonathan Traylor, Chidima Ubah (from Passion City Church), We Are Messengers, TaRanda Greene, Chris Brown (Elevation Worship), Jason Ingram, Matt Maher, David Leonard, DOE, and more. They also experienced some pretty amazing lighting effects, courtesy of AE Global Media, which brought state-of-the-art elektraLite fixtures as part of the audio, video, and lighting systems it deployed at the event. Specifically, a dozen elektraLite Stingray Variable White (VW) Profiles were used as broadcast key lights, 16 elektraBar linear strip fixtures were purposed as vibrantly colorful “eye candy” set pieces, and eight 30,000+ lumen output Audience Blinder warm lights instantly got attendees on their feet and into the mood.

Vantage Lighting Fixture Alliance Grows With Lucifer Lighting

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Legrand’s lighting control brand Vantage has strengthened its lighting fixture alliance with new member Lucifer Lighting. Known for designing and engineering high-quality, unobtrusive architectural lighting fixtures, Lucifer Lighting illuminates the world’s most beautiful spaces. The company’s lighting fixtures are created with a deep understanding of architecture and design that pairs beautifully with Vantage’s LHUMAN Human Centric Lighting (HCL) solution. Together, they offer a comprehensive and beautiful lighting design and user experience that is ideal for any new residential construction, remodel, or redecorating project.

“Lucifer Lighting accentuates the beautiful details in a home and creates an inspirational environment,” said Dave Keller, Business Development, Legrand Residential Shading & Controls. “As part of our alliance, designers and installers are well supported to create high-impact lighting designs with Lucifer’s lighting fixtures along with our elegant and intelligent control options that add to the experience.”

Tech Lighting Now Part of Vantage Lighting Fixture Alliance

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Legrand’s lighting control brand Vantage has added ELEMENT fixtures by Tech Lighting to its growing lighting fixture alliance. Tech Lighting is the premier lighting brand of choice for architects, lighting designers, and interior designers. Its portfolio includes architectural recessed downlights, linear LED channels and tape, and high-end decorative fixtures, delivering a complete lighting package. The alliance ensures that the company’s fixtures pair seamlessly with Vantage’s lighting control to offer a comprehensive and beautiful lighting design and user experience ideal for any new construction, remodel, or redecorating project.

Tech Lighting offers its ELEMENT specification-grade recessed lighting options, which deliver compact light fixtures engineered with greater agility, versatility, consistency, and responsiveness to suit any mood. The Tech Lighting Downlight portfolio also includes a wide range of products at varying price points including ENTRA and ENTRA CL to support budget and performance criteria.

POST Houston Relies on BenQ’s High Brightness Large Venue and Simulation Laser Projectors

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BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of visual display solutions, today announced that its high-lumen BlueCore laser projectors are installed at POST Houston, the former USPS-headquarters-turned-mixed-use venue in downtown Houston that opened in November 2021. Ten 8,000-lumen BenQ LU9715 BlueCore laser projectors were chosen for the venue’s 4,000-square-foot and 10,000-square-foot art galleries, which feature a revolving selection of contemporary art and video streaming programming.

“Artists are creating with video, film, audio, and computer-based technologies, so they need really powerful projectors to accurately depict their work,” said Christine Starkman, art curator for POST Houston. “They won’t use anything below 8,000 lumens. They also need that level to hold the wall in our galleries. BenQ’s laser projectors have continued to exceed our artists’ expectations.”

Brightline Appoints Leslie Moynihan as Company’s New Lighting Director

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July 19, 2022 – Brightline, a leading manufacturer of video lighting systems, has added lighting industry veteran Leslie Moynihan to its team as a Lighting Designer/CAD Specialist. Moynihan joins Brightline with an extensive background in lighting design for theater, television, dance, live music, and venue grand openings. Her previous position was as a computer drafter and designer with Root Integrated Systems, a Cleveland-based A/V equipment supplier.

In her new role at Brightline, Moynihan is charged with developing custom lighting solutions for Brightline clients and partners, and lighting templates to support specifications for virtual design. Moynihan will also support projects with field installation work. She comes to Brightline with experience working with the company’s products but is looking forward to learning more about the details and photometric data relevant to each light.

Magmatic welcomes Atmospheric FX Specialist Joey Olaerts

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Elation Professional’s atmospheric effects brand, Magmatic, is pleased to welcome Atmospheric FX Specialist Joey Olaerts to the Elation and Magmatic team. Olaerts will work with Elation’s R&D and sales teams to ensure that current Magmatic products meet customers’ needs, as well as conduct product research, testing, and viability studies to develop and market new atmospheric effects solutions.

Designed, engineered and exclusively distributed by Elation, Magmatic specialty effects encompass dependable haze, fog, snow, CO2 cryogenic simulation, and UV LED lighting products that are built to last, along with a complete line of specially formulated effect fluids. Olaerts will also be overseeing Elation sister-company ADJ’s atmospheric product line.