Understanding and Overcoming the Psycho-Acoustic Effects of Using In-Ear Monitoring Solutions

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In-ear monitors are known to help improve the overall sound quality by dramatically reducing noise on stage. However, most musicians complain about poor audio, unfamiliar/ isolated sound, even dizziness which can make the transition to IEMs frustrating. In this workshop, Synthax explains the dynamics of listening with IEMs and how a qualified personal monitoring system can help overcome these issues by creating an individual, 3D, natural sound experience. Participants in the class will be able to create a 3D sound and compare for themselves.

At their best, personal monitor mixers make the worship music experience more enjoyable for both tech directors and musicians. Synthax show how a musician-friendly, intuitive user interface for a personal mixer is key in avoiding tech-overload for musicians. Lastly, they will provide an overview on the importance of channel selection and what should be offered to musicians to keep them happy and in the flow so musicians can do what they are there to do: play music. A successful implementation of an IEM system should result in more playing enjoyment for the musician and more time for the tech engineer to concentrate on the FOH. If this isn’t the case, the IEM is not doing its job. This workshop will help you identify what you need to set up for success.

Webinars are on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 12PM

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