TV Pro Gear (TVPG) will spotlight its latest Flypaks™ at the 2022 NAB Show (Booth C4714), including the new Genesis II, Tiger and Panther solutions. Designed for filming, broadcasting and streaming events such as concerts, sports, esports and corporate events, these new TVPG Flypak™ designs are optimized for different production requirements. As a global business, TVPG can be found not only throughout the U.S., but also in such countries as Mexico, Egypt, Trinidad, China and Nigeria, among many others.

“Our groundbreaking Flypaks™ have become known by networks, government agencies and corporations around the world for providing outstanding broadcast and live event production capabilities,” says TV Pro Gear President and CEO Andrew Maisner. “With our Flypak systems, production teams have a wide array of creative options to choose from to meet their specific needs. We look forward to getting back on the NAB show floor and presenting our latest solutions to the industry at large.”

Perfect for single-operator applications, the Genesis II Flypak™ includes a Newtek TriCaster Mini 4K switcher capable of managing up to eight cameras. Other features include Live Text™; clip players; virtual sets; Sennheiser wireless microphones; and a 16-channel mixer with multi-bus mix effects, custom transitions, data-driven graphics and green screen compositing. With the option to incorporate any combination of video sources, such as cameras, mobile devices, computers, streaming media, video files, graphics and animations, the Genesis II enables users to produce innovative and engaging content. The Flypak™ also facilitates real-time publishing and streaming to Facebook Live, Twitch and YouTube. TV Pro Gear’s Genesis II package comes standard with three cameras – PTZ, handheld or both – from Sony, JVC or Panasonic. The Genesis II Flypak package starts at $39,995.

Designed to shoot in either HD or 4K, the Tiger Flypak™ includes four Sony HXC FB80 Studio cameras with SMPTE/Lemo fiber camera cables for long runs between the camera and Flypak™. The Newtek TriCaster TC1 switcher provides four mix/effects banks, four digital recorders, two video clip players and a powerful title/graphics generator. Streaming to social media is made possible by an MPEG-4 internet encoder. The included Midas M32 40-input digital mixer, Dante stage box, Sennheiser wireless microphones and Genelec speakers can handle even the most demanding audio requirements. Also included are Clear-Com multi-channel intercom and IFB with an MS-702 master station and MS-705 IBF control panel. The Tiger Flypak package starts at $259,995.

Ideal for ultra-high-end productions, the Panther Flypak™ can handle up to 12 Panasonic AK-UC4000 UHD/4K Cameras with super 35mm sensors, which provide exceptional resolution and grain-free low-light performance. The cameras’ wide gamma is ideal for shooting against LED walls and other high contrast backgrounds. This Flypak™ is available with either a Ross Carbonite ultra-4K 40-input switcher with three mix effects modes or a Newtek TriCaster TC2 Elite 48-input switcher with four mix effects modes. The Panther Flypak™ starts at $499,995.

All TV Pro Gear Flypaks™ are fabricated from aircraft-quality steel, aluminum and carbon fiber, in one complete, road-ready package that’s quick and easy to set up. They are available with a variety of options for more cameras, wide angle lenses, box lenses, instant replay, wireless intercoms and sports announcing equipment. TVPG Flypaks™ also come standard with input/output video routers, which are sent through an access panel on the side of the Flypak™ and enable the system to accompany any signal type. Drawing less than 10 amps, TVPG Flypaks™ can run on any standard power outlet, are auto-switchable between 120/V 60Hz and 240V 50Hz, and automatically switch to backup battery in the event of power loss. TV Pro Gear Flypaks™ are faster to setup, more reliable and easier to use from anywhere in the world.

TVPG also builds vans, OB trucks and video production facilities all over the world. Some current TVPG users include CBS’s Entertainment Tonight, the NFL, the WWE and FOX’s Divorce Court, in addition to public government agencies and associated PEG channels. The company also supports brands like Intel and Microsoft, public facilities such as Saddleback Church, University of Colorado and the University of Southern California, as well as military divisions such as the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy.

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