QSC Week 4 Webinar Schedule

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Distributed System Design (presented in Spanish)
We’ll discuss the basics of designing a 70 V/100 V QSC loudspeaker system and how to effectively utilize and implement QSC network amplifiers.

Monday, April 20 at 9:00am PT / 11:00 CDMX / 4:00 GMT / 5:00 CET

Intro to MP-M Series Mixers and MP Install App
Our Business Music specialist will show you how to configure a typical business music application with MP-M Series Mixers and MP Install application.

Monday, April 20 at 1:00pm PT / 8:00 GMT / 9:00 CET

Intro to Q-SYS Control Logic
Thinking about getting into control? Start here! We’ll walk you through simple control logic blocks in Q-SYS with practical examples for third-party device control.

Tuesday, April 21 at 10:00am PT / 5:00 GMT / 6:00 CET
Thursday, April 23 (for APAC) at 9:00 HKT / 10:00 JTS / 11:00 AEDT / 13:00 AUK

Q-SYS Architect Training
Designed for AV consultants and pre-sales engineers, this crash course on the Q-SYS Ecosystem empowers you to specify a Q-SYS system. No programming or commissioning knowledge required.

Tuesday, April 21 (for UK) at 10:00 GMT / 3:00am PT / 6:00am ET

Intro to Q-SYS Networking
Get to know the basics of networking with QSC. We’ll demonstrate how to setup Q-SYS on a standard network and provide the fundamentals of switch configuration.

Tuesday, April 21 (for APAC) at 9:00 HKT / 10:00 JTS / 11:00 AEDT / 13:00 AUK
Wednesday, April 24 at 11:00am PT / 6:00 GMT / 7:00 CET
Friday, April 24 (for EMEA) at 10:00 GMT / 3:00am PT / 6:00am ET

Best Practices in Acoustic Echo Cancellation
Learn the do’s and don’ts of applying AEC for meeting rooms. We’ll discuss a proper signal chain to get the best results from your AEC and EQ blocks in Q-SYS, and more.

Wednesday, April 22 (for APAC):
Session 1: 9:00 HKT / 10:00 JTS / 11:00 AEDT / 13:00 AUK
Session 2: 11:00 HKT / 12:00 JTS / 11:00 AEDT / 15:00 AUK

Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager Walkthrough
In these challenging times, the ability to monitor and manage your AV investments remotely is more important than ever! Join this walkthrough of Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager and receive a free extended trial until January 31, 2021!

Thursday, April 23 at 12:00pm PT / 7:00 GMT / 8:00 CET

Zoom Rooms Controller with Q-SYS
Learn to take full advantage of Zoom’s recently unveiled “Room Controller” feature from within the Q-SYS Ecosystem. Use simple pieces of JSON scripting, along with the Q-SYS Control engine, use the Zoom Room actions to trigger Q-SYS functionalities and even room configuration snapshots within your Q-SYS system.

Tuesday, April 28 at 9:00am PT / 4:00 GMT / 5:00 CET
Tuesday, April 28 at 11:30am PT / 6:30 GMT / 7:30 CET

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