MXL Microphones, a leading manufacturer of consumer and professional audio products, is now shipping its REVELATION II microphone to customers around the globe. As the successor to the MXL REVELATION, which is often regarded as the greatest microphone ever produced by MXL, the REVELATION II will utilize the latest design and manufacturing technologies to offer the remarkable clarity and versatility of the classic MXL REVELATION, but at a fraction of the price.

“During this unprecedented time, the MXL team is still hard at work, most of us operating remotely, doing as much as we can to keep bringing great products to market,” says Trevor Fedele, Director of Sales at MXL Microphones. “With that being said, we are excited to be able to move forward with launching the highly anticipated REVELATION II. Our entire team truly knocked it out of the park with this microphone!”The MXL REVELATION II offers the warmth and intimacy of a quality tube microphone, but with extended clarity and punch for balanced recording. A dual gold-sputtered, 6-micron diaphragm and hand-selected EF86 pentode tube provide warm, rich and transparent sound. The REVELATION II’s polar pattern selection is virtually limitless, controllable by a variable pattern control knob.

“The MXL REVELATION has been widely regarded as the greatest microphone that MXL ever made,” adds Fedele. “The new REVELATION II captures the performance and versatility of the original REVELATION but will be more accessible to artists at a lower price point. We are excited for our customers to get their hands on the REVELATION II and fall in love with the classic REVELATION sound all over again. Everyone, stay safe, make music and check out the new REVELATION II.”

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