LynTec Introduces New Smart Switch Sets for Intelligent and Simple Power Control

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LynTec, a leading manufacturer of innovative electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting (AVL) systems, today revealed its new Smart Switch Sets will be on display at booth 2335 at LDI 2022, Nov. 18-20 in Las Vegas. Featuring the same ease of use for which the company is known, the new Smart Switch Sets adds PoE and Ethernet connectivity, allowing it to be programmed via LynTec’s web-based interface in order to identify specific panels and zones of LynTec’s RPC, RPCR, LCP, NPAC, and XPC power distribution solutions.

“Our switch sets are among our most popular accessories because they allow organizations to simplify start-up and shutdown workflows for audio, video, and lighting systems,” said Mark Bishop, president of LynTec. “We’ve received numerous requests from integrators to create a switch that can deliver control down to the zone level. Now they can, making it possible for them to add even more granularity to on/off procedures, all without additional wiring and programmable using the same familiar GUI they use to configure our web-enabled power control panels and solutions.”

Boasting the same familiar appearance and ease of operability as LynTec’s SS-2 Switch Set, the new Smart Switch Sets feature PoE and Ethernet connectivity to control the individual power zones of LynTec’s RPC, RPCR, LCP, NPAC, and XPC power distribution solutions. Each switch set are programmed from LynTec’s well-known and easy-to-use GUI, allowing integrators to target specific panels and zones without wiring it back to the panel. Integrators can install LynTec Smart Switches at multiple locations to control the panel on the same or different zones, with each switch set displaying the current zone status. In addition, by connecting to standard SS-2 switches, they are expandable to control two zones. The new Smart Switches will be available as wall plate switches or in a mountable rack plate for simple control at the equipment rack.

The new switch sets are due to begin shipping in 2023. More information on LynTec’s full line of products is available at