Introducing AUDAC’s CELO8S – High-End 8” Ceiling Subwoofer to North America

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A.C. ProMedia, distributor of state-of-the-art products and technologies aimed at the Fixed Installation & Architainment Markets is pleased to introduce to the North American Marketplace AUDAC’s CELO8S High-End 8” Ceiling Subwoofer.

A.C. ProMedia, together with Belgian pro audio manufacturer AUDAC has released the CELO8S High-end Ceiling subwoofer. This innovative new Subwoofer is the next step in AUDAC’s journey to provide an impeccable musical atmosphere. Fitted with a stiff and light aluminum membrane, ceiling vibrations are minimized resulting in energetic depths from above, while the open back design enables the CELO8S to reproduce low frequencies in the most natural way possible. The integrated stereo crossover enables you to effortlessly connect your satellite speakers, resulting in the absolute finest full-range sound experience in the most efficient way possible.

To overcome the architectural challenges of the most luxurious interior designs, the CELO8S is fitted with AUDAC’s SlimLine™ grill design with an exceptionally thin border of only 1 mm and a minimized grill depth, extruding merely 3.2 mm from the ceiling surface. In addition, the grill is completely paintable, making the speaker disappear without sacrificing any sound quality.

Without the speaker grill installed, it’s clear to see that the CELO8S is made by using the highest quality materials, guaranteeing an unsurpassed sound experience. This results in true to nature sound reproduction for a warm and detailed sound with an RMS power of 50 Watts per channel and 100 Watts when connected in parallel.

When installed with accompanying satellite speakers, the volume of these satellites relative to the subwoofer can be increased and decreased by 3 dB, according to the installation setup and preferred sound.

Depending on the acoustical properties of your room and placement of the subwoofer, the sub can be better integrated into your room when switched to either 0° or 180° by adjusting the phase switch.

AUDAC’s CELO8S is a perfect complement to the CELO Series of high-end ceiling loudspeakers. An elegant look with minimal visual impact! AUDAC’s high-end slim ceiling speaker series guarantees an optimal experience for every situation and application. A white SlimLine™ Grill is included and allows your ears to spark your attention, not your eyes. Due to its very thin border of only 1 mm and a limited grill depth which emerges from the ceiling surface by only 3.2 mm, these speakers will become nearly invisible when mounted. Great ease and installers convenience are guaranteed using the QuickFix™ mechanism with GoldCon™ connectivities.

A.C. ProMedia recently announced their partnership with AUDAC as the new exclusive distributor of AUDAC’s innovative audio solutions in North America. A.C. ProMedia will be managing the sales, distribution and service of the complete AUDAC product line in North America from their offices in Toronto.

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