RTI Expands Music Streaming Solutions With MS-1 Streamer

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Leading control and automation manufacturer RTI has expanded its family of music control solutions with the new MS-1 Music Streamer. The MS-1 provides integrators with a single-stream solution fully integrated with RTI control systems in residential or commercial settings. It can also add a stream to an existing RTI Music system. Like the award-winning three-stream MS-3, the MS-1 seamlessly delivers high-resolution audio (24bit/192kHz) from the most popular streaming music services or from a local NAS to any room with the touch of a button.

“Music is a touchpoint of life, whether you’re at home or at a business, and we want to make it easy and enjoyable to access music playlists and streaming services from within the RTI control experience,” said Neal Ellsworth, RTI Director of Product Management. “The MS-1 delivers a single stream option with all the integrator and user benefits of the RTI Music system. Together, the MS-1 and the three-stream MS-3 give the integrator options to cost-effectively get the right number of streams into a project.”

L-Acoustics Launches Ambiance Virtual Acoustics System, Powered by L-ISA

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L-Acoustics announces the launch of the L-ISA Ambiance™ virtual acoustics enhancement system. Ambiance uses L-Acoustics loudspeaker systems, microphones, and an advanced 3D Room Engine powered by the L-ISA Processor II. Ambiance empowers acousticians, theater and audio-visual consultants, composers, and sound designers to transform the acoustic properties and qualities of a venue space to match the desired atmosphere. Ambiance enhances experiences by better connecting audiences and performers to each other and to their shared space.

The architecture and acoustics of a venue play an integral part in the audience and performer experience. From concert halls with long reverberation times that impart a lush feel for orchestras, to cinemas and halls with minimal reverb that allows for clear speech intelligibility, the experience of a space is as much due to the feel of its sound as to its decor. Where once venues were designed for single-use, today’s spaces are multi-purpose, changing with the calendar to better serve wider audiences.

Blustream Debuts Dante-Enabled NPA100DA Power Amplifier

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Leading AV distribution innovator Blustream today announced the release of the NPA100DA Dante-enabled networked power amplifier delivering advanced audio integration to commercial or residential AV installations. For conference and meeting rooms, the NPA100DA is a versatile solution for delivering amplification for presentation and background audio. With its microphone input and integrated audio-ducking capabilities, it is also ideal for live event applications such as lecture halls and small auditoriums. Its compact size and single-cable connectivity make it perfect for small to medium-sized rooms where a larger, more powerful amp would be costly and unnecessary. Boasting an array of switchable inputs, this versatile amplifier can connect to both consumer and professional equipment.

“The NPA100DA is a multipurpose powerhouse,” said Martyn Shirley, Blustream General Manager. “Integrators can’t go wrong selecting it wherever Dante-enabled power amplification is needed. It’s feature-packed and especially flexible with its small footprint. It’s as comfortable in the family room as it is in the boardroom.”

Elation Grows KL Series With Broadcast Optimized KL Fresnel 6 FC™ Soft Light

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Elation Professional is pleased to be expanding its KL “Key Light” Series of LED Fresnel luminaires with the full-color KL Fresnel 6 FC™. The new KL Fresnel 6 FC projects gorgeous shades across the full color spectrum and meets the strict standards of performance venues that are light critical and noise sensitive like broadcast studios and theatres.

Designed for any application requiring high output soft light with precise color reproduction and adjustable color temperature, the KL Fresnel 6 FC excels at highlighting performers or scenery on stage in a uniform wash of soft field light. Offering a wide array of color from rich saturates to subtle pastels and dynamic white light, it is an ideal key and fill light source for situations requiring outstanding color quality and is a perfect match with Elation’s KL Fresnel 8 FC.

ADJ Expands Lime Par Series With Compact & Punchy Encore LP5IP

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Launched earlier this year, ADJ’s Encore Lime Par Series of fixtures all feature the same potent quad color (RGB + Lime) LEDs. This ensures perfectly uniform color mixing when different fixture types are used together within a lighting design. Each model also has the same style of robust IP65-rated casing but features a different number of the LEDs. Following the original introduction of the Encore LP7IP, Encore LP12IP and Encore LP18IP models – with 7, 12 and 18 LEDs, respectively – the range has now been expanded to include the new Encore LP5IP model – which features five LEDs arranged into the smallest fixture in the series.

Each LED is rated at 20-Watts and combined in multiples they generate a potent output with an even, soft-edged beam. Through precise 16-bit dimming control over the four primary LED colors – red, green, blue and lime – the fixtures are able to generate a large gamut of colors and hues. The inclusion of the lime LED chip helps certain colors to appear more vivid and also boosts the CRI to an impress 86.2.

RF Venue’s Diversity Architectural Antenna Makes High Performance Invisible

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RF Venue, a global leader in antenna and RF wireless communication products, is introducing its Diversity Architectural Antenna, a new system component for wireless microphones that offers the core capabilities of the company’s acclaimed Diversity Fin Antenna in a virtually invisible footprint. In installations where aesthetics matter, the patented cross-polarized Diversity Architectural Antenna is an unobtrusive, high-performance solution to the problem of wireless microphone signal dropouts, multipath interference and IMD issues plaguing the use of separate paddle antenna pairs. The antenna provides an elegantly designed solution for integrators developing A/V systems for houses of worship, schools from K-12 to higher education, corporate conference and training rooms and any other smaller, indoor multi-purpose venue.

Featuring a slim profile enclosure, the Diversity Architectural Antenna can be installed in any position on a wall or ceiling and can be painted to match any interior, delivering a true diversity solution that can hide in plain sight. With its unique, patent-pending, dual-feed antenna design, both A and B diversity connections are provided, so there’s no need to install two separately spaced antennas, resulting in a more professional look that room designers and architects appreciate.

VuWall Introduces its Application Server to Securely Share and Control Websites and Applications on Video Walls

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VuWall, a technology leader in video wall control systems and unified visualization solutions, is launching the Application Server, a cost-effective appliance for streaming, sharing, controlling and visualizing websites and applications across AV/IT networks. The Application Server is a scalable and versatile solution that simplifies video wall deployments by providing quick access to websites, dashboards and applications from a single, centralized source.

“In today’s control rooms and corporate workspaces, visualizing content from websites and applications is a must. The challenge is that customers want to visualize many sources at once,” said Mark Schmidt, CTO of VuWall. “Traditional video wall control systems are deeply burdened by this demand with respect to performance and security. We are very excited to introduce the Application Server as the latest addition to our product family to address this critical need efficiently and cost-effectively.”

ADJ Expands Popular Hydro Series Of IP65-rated Moving Head Fixtures With One Profile And Two Spots

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All of the Hydro Series fixtures feature robust all metal construction and are IP65-rated to allow safe temporary outdoor use in all weather conditions. The sealed casing design also means that the light source, electronics and internal mechanisms are protected from dust, dirt and airborne particles, including humidity and haze residue. The fixtures therefore require reduced maintenance schedules and are likely to offer extended operational lifespans, when compared with conventional fixtures. For this reason, many production companies are choosing to invest in all IP65-rated equipment, giving the flexibility to use them for both indoor and outdoor events. Similarly, many installers are choosing Hydro Series fixtures even for indoor permanent installations.

Sitting proudly at the top of the expanded Hydro Series, the Hydro Profile combines an immense 660-Watt LED engine, which produces 25,000 Lumens, with an expansive feature set to offer a professional lighting powerhouse. Its beam can be precisely manipulated using a four-blade rotatable framing system, alongside motorized zoom (6 ~ 45 degrees), focus and iris, together with two frost filters. A CMY color mixing system, combined with a variable CTO flag and six slot replaceable color wheel, allow for exceptional versatility and creative freedom when it comes to color selection. Meanwhile, two GOBO wheels, two rotating prisms (six-facet circular and five-facet linear), and an animation wheel allow for the creation of an almost unlimited variety of aerial effects and surface pattern projections. Learn more about the Hydro Profile by visiting: https://www.adj.com/hydro-profile.

Elation World Premiere Proteus™, Fuze™ and KL™ Products Await Visitors to Prolight + Sound

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The wait is over! Elation is excited to be returning to the Prolight + Sound show to do what we enjoy best – working face to face with industry professionals to successfully realize their lighting projects. We look forward to seeing you April 26-29 at Hall 12.1-B49/C49 in Frankfurt – in person! Elation is proud to partner with LMP to distribute Elation products in Germany.

Be the first to check out the latest cutting-edge luminaires in Elation’s industry leading IP65 Proteus™ line, including the new Proteus Excalibur™, the brightest IP65 full-featured beam fixture ever created, plus the world premiere of the 70,000-lumen Proteus Brutus™ LED wash! New fixtures in Elation’s high-performance, high-value Fuze™ series are also on the docket, including the new Fuze MAX™ full-color-spectrum LED moving head, and the world premiere showing of the Fuze Wash 500™, a full-spectrum LED Fresnel moving head. Visitors can also get up close with new luminaires in Elation’s broadcast-optimized KL™ series, including the first ever showing of the KL Profile FC™, a compact, full-color ellipsoidal framing fixture, and new KL Panel XL™, a bigger, brighter and bolder version of Elation’s popular color temperature-adjustable, full-spectrum KL Panel™ LED soft light. And there’s more!

JVC Professional Video Announces New KY-PZ510 Series PTZ Cameras at NAB 2022

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JVC Professional Video, a division of JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation, unveils its new KY-PZ510 Series PTZ Cameras at NAB 2022 at JVC’s exclusive NAB suite in the Wynn Hotel — Fairway Villa. As the latest addition to JVC’s CONNECTED CAM™ remote production solutions, the new series includes four models, which feature 4K60P HEVC SRT streaming with multi-slice encoding technology to reduce latency and provide superior image quality. The cameras also boast a super-wide 80-degree field of view, which is perfect for studios, classrooms, corporate settings, event facilities, sports venues and houses of worship.

The series is comprised of the KY-PZ510, in black and white options, as well as the
KY-PZ510N (black and white) with NDI® 5 support. The new PTZ cameras also offer enhanced SMART auto-tracking, which can be set to automatically follow one person and allows users to select one of multiple people within its field of view. Additionally, the incorporated Vertical Interval Time Code (VITC) with Network Time Protocol (NTP) provides the new JVC PTZ cameras with multi-camera synchronization for seamless live event production.