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Providing customers with communications solutions to cover the most challenging environments, Pliant Technologies adds two features, Repeater Mode and Roam Mode, to its MicroCom XR digital wireless intercom. In addition to the two new operating modes, Pliant also unveils its MicroCom 900XR Receiver, with a 2-channel ultra-compact, lightweight design that allows unlimited listen-only users to stay connected.

“We are excited to announce that new features are now shipping with the MicroCom XR wireless intercom system,” says Gary Rosen, Vice President of global sales for Pliant Technologies. “The new Repeater and Roam modes, as well as the MicroCom 900XR Receiver, have been specifically designed to enhance production workflows, ensuring uninterrupted, clear communication between users, all at a groundbreaking price point.”

Audio Pros Get Their Heads Around KRK’s KNS Headphones

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KRK has been behind great music for over 30 years. KRK defines superior clarity and accuracy in professional monitors for better sounding music. KRK is the monitor of choice for music engineers and producers around the world. Great music is made with KRK.

KRK headphones, which include the KNS 6400s and KNS 8400s, provide an accurate and high-quality listening experience that is trusted by music producers, audio engineers, and production staff around the world. Whether mixing tracks in-studio, behind the scenes on production sets, or looking to obtain unaltered sound for any listening application, KNS headphones are fit for the job.

With KRK’s headphone offerings, there’s a solution for every listening need. When it comes to home/project studio applications, podcasting, or on-the-go track evaluations, the 6400s provide a precise listening experience. For those looking to take things to the next level, the 8400s are an ideal choice for critical listening and can be found in commercial studios and on production sets.

Datavideo’s Hardware and Support Reliable SRT Streaming

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Datavideo announces SRT support for, hardware encoders, decoders and streaming equipped PTZ cameras for secure and reliable camera to cloud streaming. SRT replaces RTMP when streaming over unreliable and low bandwidth networks, which can cause buffering and pixelated video. Datavideo’s unique combination of hardware and now cloud services provides a complete end-to-end workflow.

SRT is an open-source video transport protocol that enables delivery of high-quality, secure, and low-latency video across the public Internet. SRT optimizes performance over unreliable networks more efficiently than the current industry standard RTMP. SRT handles data more efficiency resulting in less data loss, plus requires less bandwidth than RTMP providing more reliable streams.

Biamp Supports Hybrid Learning with Simple, Affordable Audiovisual Solutions for K-12 Classrooms

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Biamp™, is supporting cost-effective, easy-to-deploy, and consistently great audio experiences in K-12 hybrid and remote classrooms with Devio™ SCR Series signal processors and Parlé™ Beamtracking™ microphones. The Devio SCR Series ensures every student, either at school or at home, can clearly hear and understand classroom instruction, regardless of the teacher’s location in the room. Devio SCR includes Parlé tabletop or ceiling microphones, leveraging Biamp’s patented Beamtracking technology, which tracks and mixes voices intelligently anywhere in the classroom — even as the teacher moves around the space.

“Classroom audio has traditionally been limited to the personal speakers and microphone systems found in computers and mobile devices, which deliver a very poor audio experience if you are not speaking directly into the mic. Now, with so many schools offering hybrid or remote instruction, it’s essential that kids at home can hear the teacher as clearly as if they were in the classroom,” said Joe Andrulis, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at Biamp. “Devio SCR delivers crystal-clear audio with a truly plug-and-play installation experience. IT staff can simply connect microphones and speakers to Devio and push the auto setup button. For less than $2,000, this is an affordable, flexible system that ensures a streamlined deployment and an exceptional audio experience for teachers and students, whether they’re in the room or in a remote location.”

Carousel Digital Signage and ScreenBeam Bring Dynamic Content into Meeting Spaces and Classrooms

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Carousel Digital Signage has partnered with ScreenBeam, a wireless display and collaboration solutions innovator, to keep meeting spaces and classrooms alive with digital signage content while screens are idle. The integrated solution converts ScreenBeam wireless presentation systems for enterprise and K-12 customers into Carousel Cloud media players upon conclusion of a presentation or lecture, creating an ideal digital signage solution for meeting spaces and classrooms.

Key Digital KD-BYOD4K Chromecast Support Completes Wireless Solution for Presentations and Collaborations

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Key Digital, a leading manufacturer of professional distributed video and control system equipment, announces the addition of Chromecast support for the company’s KD-BYOD4K Wireless Presentation Gateway, rounding out the unit’s versatility as a unifying platform for multi-contributor presentations. Key Digital introduced the innovative KD-BYOD4K as a complete, single-chassis solution for the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) collaboration model, allowing meeting and presentation contributors working from laptops, tablets and smartphones to easily cast content to any designated display or projector via Wi-Fi.

The KD-BYOD4K’s simplified initial setup can be completed in under 10 minutes. The dedicated system application, KDPlay™, can be quickly loaded onto contributors’ laptops from the KD-BYOD4K unit’s web page or by simply plugging in the included KDPlay Flash™ USB dongle for auto launch. The KDPlay Android app is a fast download away from content casting, and the KD-BYOD4K offers direct support for Apple AirPlay and now Google Chromecast.

PreSonus MicroStation BT Provides Stereo Bluetooth Reception and More for Studio and Consumer Speakers

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Compact, convenient, and stylish, the new PreSonus® MicroStation BT Bluetooth® 5.0 stereo monitor controller receives audio from a phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth source and feeds it to your full-range powered speakers. The MicroStation BT also can be hardwired to a powered subwoofer to create a 2.1 listening environment.

Quickly pair your Bluetooth-enabled device with the press of a button. A stereo ⅛-inch input enables hardwiring your audio source when you don’t want to use Bluetooth, and a Bluetooth On/Off button lets you toggle between Bluetooth and analog sources. Balanced left and right ¼-inch TRS inputs route audio from pro audio hardware, such as an audio interface, to your speakers and subwoofer.

KINSMAN Introduce New Products for Broadcasting and Recording

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Kinsman Professional Lavalier Microphones

Clip-on lavalier microphones have always been beneficial within the world of TV and theatre. Now proving more popular than ever for hands-free applications with mobile phones, Kinsman have launched two new lavalier microphones, with connections for Apple and Android devices. Delivery is a crisp open natural sound suitable for professional recording, whilst the design is sleek and unobtrusive with a robust clothing clip.

An excellent choice for broadcasters and presenters, both Kinsman lavalier microphones, are also available with a single high-quality earpiece, for private listening or monitoring…


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The new Audix A127 Omnidirectional Metal Film Condenser Microphone is now shipping. The culmination of years of research and development, the A127 delivers unmatched audio capture for professional studio recording, broadcast, film and sound design.


The A127 features a reference-grade capsule (Type 1 IEC 61094-4 compliant) with a precision-tensioned metal film diaphragm, providing consistent and reliable performance, even in the most demanding environments.

The half-inch size of the diaphragm represents the “sweet spot” for acoustic sound capture, which is why it has become the standard for acoustic measurement. The ultrathin, 3-micron metal film diaphragm provides excellent transient response and a level of detail and realism simply not attainable with conventional diaphragm materials.

Introducing the PROLIGHTS EclProfile CT+

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Building on the success of the popular EclipseFS ellipsoidal, A.C. Lighting Inc. (distributor of world-class lighting and rigging technologies) is pleased to introduce the PROLIGHTS EclProfile CT+ to our ellipsoidal family.
The EclProfile CT+, with its six-color, LED engine and high CRI of 97, was designed and engineered to render even the most subtle differences in skin tones. In addition, its custom LED array provides a rich color spectrum to accentuate costumes and highlight set pieces. The highly efficient CT+ LED engine provides all of the punch necessary to stand out on a stage full of moving lights and a studio with video walls.

The comprehensive feature set includes studio functions such as virtual CTO and +/- green correction on linear white CCT. Special theatrical functions include a warm, tungsten emulation when dimming and access to a wide range of gel colors.