Chauvet Professional Ovation FD 165 Fresnel Light

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Welcome to New Beginnings Church in Orlando, Florida! We run a 9:00am and 11:00 am on Sundays and, before a single fader is touched, button pushed, or switch flipped, it is imperative to seek God in prayer, and ask Him to create His sound, His lighting, His video, and His worship! We must saturate everything in prayer, especially the technical! Everything we do, especially in a house of worship, is geared towards connecting people with Christ. This is why almost all audiovisual enhancements must be metaphorically invisible. Ultimately the AV equipment is there as a means to further enhance the worship experience, not to be worshiped for what it does. I am always looking for “low profile” gear that has a flat learning curve. Therefore, everyone on “the team” will feel comfortable operating the gear on their own, while maintaining the same standard of excellence. The Ovation FD 165 warm white Fresnel light by Chauvet Professional falls into that category of flat learning curve gear.

Specs for Techs

The Ovation FD-165ww features easy access dimming and zooming control, which can be accessed simply by double clicking on the respective knob. Having both 3 pin and 5 pin DMX input and output means flexibility! When plugging into a power source, there is an Edison (standard three prong wall plug) to Neutrik PowerCON connection (the blue and black round plug), and an output from the fixture with the same PowerCON connector, that works on a standard dimmer or via DMX.

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