New TSG Facility Offers Expanded Area to Accommodate Growth

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Technical Services Group (TSG), a leading broadcast engineering and commercial AV solutions provider, today announced the company has completed its move to its new facility in Baton Rouge. With 36,000 square feet of interior floor space, the building is almost six times larger than the company’s previous headquarters.

The new building’s 25,000-square-foot warehouse and staging area, complete with tractor trailer loading zonesand multiple forklifts, can accommodate equipment needs for larger projects. There are also dedicated, climate controlled areas for fabrication, integration and training. Instead of being limited to working on one project at a time due to space constraints, TSG teams can use the separate areas to work on multiple projects concurrently.

Canadian Distribution Partner, Plus Extended Product Line, For Manfrotto Lighting and Avenger Lighting Grip

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A.C. Lighting Inc., distributor of world-class lighting and rigging technologies, is delighted to announce that we are now a Canadian Distribution Partner of Manfrotto Lighting and Avenger Lighting Grip products in Canada. With this announcement, comes the extension of the product portfolio across the North American Market.

A.C. Lighting Inc. announced at LDI in 2019 their partnership with Manfrotto Lighting and Avenger Lighting Grip to distribute their products throughout the United States. Backed on the success of this partnership, the two companies have decided to partner in the Canadian market.

Manfrotto Lighting and Avenger Lighting Grip products are designed and manufactured in Italy to service the needs of the professional lighting and grip worlds. A.C. Lighting Inc.’s product offering will center around products designed exclusively for the lighting industry including, film, theatre, broadcast, live entertainment, and audio-visual channels. Manfrotto and Avenger are known worldwide for manufacturing lighting stands, clamps, adapters, and accessories for the professional lighting market.

Marshall Cameras Enhance Kent State University’s eSports Live Streams Without Any Player Distractions

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Kent State University originally launched its eSports program in the Fall of 1998 and it was the beginning of something big. Today, with a community of over 400 students and growing daily, the University currently competes at a varsity level in the Overwatch, League of Legends, Rocket League and Hearthstone competitions. Looking to enhance live streams by capturing athlete reactions and interactions with other players and team members, Jason Forbes, broadcast engineer at Kent State University, Teleproductions turned to the miniature CV503 POV and full featured CV730 PTZ cameras from Marshall Electronics.

The University was already very familiar with Marshall, as its cameras are used throughout the campus for some of its traditional sports and as observation cameras for classrooms and labs. The design and integration of Kent State’s 12-seat V-style arena gaming space was done entirely in-house with an assist from Heartland Video, which provided most of the video production gear. The use of Marshall’s ultra-compact cameras allowed the team to enhance its live streams to Twitch without causing any player distractions or interference.

LynTec Wins Two 2021 Commercial Integrator BEST Awards

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LynTec, a leading manufacturer of innovative electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting (AVL) systems, is the winner of two 2021 Commercial Integrator BEST Awards. After being reviewed by the award’s judging panel, LynTec’s LCP Lighting Control Panelboard and Narrow Profile Panelboards both earned the publication’s building enhancements award category for power conditioning, surge suppression, and energy solutions.

“We’re committed to empowering our customers with solutions that work for their needs and their facilities to properly and simply power the AVL solutions in their installs,” said Mark Bishop, President of LynTec. “The LCP and the Narrow Profile Panelboards were created based on feedback from our customers who have long built a standard around our robust RPC Series. With the introduction of these products, they have even more flexibility in their designs without losing any of the benefits of our RPC superior power control. We’re incredibly honored by these wins — what a great indicator from the installation industry that we’ve hit the mark.”

Eliminating Artifacts when Shooting LED Video Screens: Global Shutter Camera Technology

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Most of us have seen slowly-moving dark bands or thin lines when shooting video with large LED displays in the frame. The LED screen could be the focus of the shot or just in the background, but either way, these unwanted artifacts detract from the visual experience and vary in size, number, intensity, and movement depending on multiple factors.

Most of these artifacts are caused by the type of imagers used in the cameras. Modern video and still cameras use CMOS sensors to capture images, and most have been “rolling shutter” CMOS imagers. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of the latest development in CMOS sensors – “global shutter” – and how global shutter imagers can greatly reduce or eliminate LED display artifacts.

Elation July 8 Coffee Break

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In many respects, a lighting designer is only as good as the lighting tools at his or her disposal. So what makes one luminaire a superior tool for creative lighting design and another not? Join Alistair Smyth and Frederik Afif on the July 8th Elation Coffee Break as they showcase one of Elation’s most popular and creatively rich moving heads, the Artiste Picasso™.

From Elation’s award-winning Artiste series of creative, full-featured moving heads, the Artiste Picasso is an innovative and inspirational theatrical-grade luminaire. The 23,000-lumen LED light is rich on features, including a zoom and a rotating 4-blade framing system, and houses the latest in artistic projection possibilities, allowing lighting pros at all levels to light like a master. A universal fixture with the flexibility to serve a variety of applications, it produces the uniform field of light that designers prefer while staying whisper quiet, making the Artiste Picasso ideal for stage environments of all types.

Allen & Heath All Install Virtual Conference

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We are excited to present a 3-day virtual conference with a program of live webinars and 1-to-1 meetings. With a packed schedule aimed at system integrators, consultants, installers and project developers, the webinar sessions will showcase Allen & Heath solutions experts and technology partners, including Audinate and Crestron, discussing a range of audio-focused hot topics.

Attendees will also get the opportunity to discover new additions to the Allen & Heath install product range and get the chance to engage with presenters live during the sessions.


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ACT Lighting (RapcoHorizon/ProCo Sound/RHC Holdings) is pleased to announce the launch of ACT Entertainment, a new entity formed by bringing together the brands of the ACT Lighting and RHC Holdings family of companies.

While deeply rooted in the heritage of its legacy companies, the value offered by ACT Entertainment is more than the sum of its parts. The new ACT is a streamlined organization that takes a holistic approach to the industries it serves, curating critical entertainment technologies and bringing leading products and services to its clients across multiple distinct markets.

Martin Audio Announces Next Open Days to Coincide With 50th Anniversary Party

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Martin Audio is gearing up for two action packed days in early September, which will see them combine the latest in their successful Open Day program—and their first in two years—with a party to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Held on September 7th and 8th, the Open Days have been designed to coincide with the return of the PLASA Show in London, when the international light and sound community descends on the English capital.