Yamaha’s TF3 Digital Mixing Console

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hiHere at Celebration Church our Kids rooms are used as multipurpose rooms throughout the week. Sundays they are strictly used for our kids environments. That could include a full worship band all the way down to just a single vocal with a backing track. Mondays are for groups, which normally just use a couple microphones; the rest of the week sees student chapels and worship rehearsals and, of course, more groups!

With these rooms being used so much we knew we needed a console that was easy to use, one our volunteers could feel comfortable and confident when running, with an easy to understand layout. We’ve experimented with a few consoles in the past that just didn’t make any sense for us – we knew right away that they would only confuse new volunteers. However, with Yamaha’s new TF3 digital mixing consoles, we found everything we were looking for in a perfect fi t for our kids’ rooms.

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Review: Bose RoomMatch™ Line Arrays and PowerMatch® Amps

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by Joe Cichon

black soundBose RoomMatch™ Line Arrays and PowerMatch® Amps Exceed Expectations I can hardly believe that our building project at Black Rock Church, Fairfield, CT, (see Tech Spotlight, October 2014 issue) is done, and we’ve completed our fi rst year cycle. From well over 250 sermons, three major concerts, dozens of meetings, VBS and summer adventure and community events, our sanctuary has been working overtime. So? How did it stack up, according to the original building plan and dreams? A review of every tech aspect would be a book! So let’s focus on the most demanding and meaningful aspect of the project: our sound. After lots of research, I chose the new Bose Line Arrays with RoomMatch™, PowerMatch® Amps and a Bose distribution system, for our new sanctuary. So, just how well did it pan out? BOSE has always been known for their state of the art sound. We are all familiar with the BOSE Sound; refined, discrete and intelligible. It sets the standard for personal audio. Well, now it sets the standard for large format line array installation. The process was smooth and professional. After BOSE set the parameters, they focused on the installation, with AE Global as the integrator. Installation went incredibly well, with very few tweaks needed to their solid plan for the space.

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Second Baptist Church Chooses DiGiCo Consoles

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Superior audio, ease of use, simple firmware updates and seamless plug-ins cited in upgrade to SD5 desks at SBC’s massive West Campus


Christmas services this past December never sounded better at Second Baptist Church’s 400,000-square-foot West Campus in Houston thanks to a recent audio system upgrade to two DiGiCo SD5 consoles. Installed by local HOW systems integrator Covenant Communications, the new consoles replace a pair of legacy DiGiCo D5 Live FOH and monitor desks for the church’s 5,000-seat “in-the-round” worship center, which also televises its lively services.

Second Baptist Global Tech Director Mark Sepulveda notes that after seven years of duty, the time had come to retire the previous consoles and make an upgrade. “The SD5s were chosen based on what our team thought were the best overall live audio consoles on the market that continued to give us superior audio with the DiGiCo brand, continued ease of hands-on functionality, easy firmware updates that will continue to add new features in the coming years, and the ability of the SD software to integrate with Waves SoundGrid for a seamless plug-in experience,” he says.

Covenant Communications has largely handled Second Baptist’s audio/video/lighting needs for the past four years, and the eventual upgrade choice came after considering various options. “I put a few things in front of Mark,” notes Joe Smart, Covenant’s sales manager. “Our role is to be objective; it’s not an emotional decision, but one to find the best solutions for them.” The SD5’s flexibility was perfectly suited for the church’s typical need for a quick “flip around to different worship styles” – from traditional to high-energy contemporary sound – and “recording audio for future TV broadcast,” notes Smart.

Smart points out that Second Baptist required more than the 128 inputs processed by its previous system: “The new spec required close to 160 inputs, no doubt in part to accommodate the fairly large band, including 12 to 15 rhythm players and 20 to 30 string players. That doesn’t include the enormous choir of up to 180 singers, 24 of those members being wirelessly close-miked and processed for a massive choir sound.”

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Central Baptist Church, Americus, GA Gets a Total Audio Makeover with the Help of GC Pro

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GC Pro and Commercial Sound And Video take Central Baptist Church into the era of contemporary worship with a new sound system including digital audio console, in-ear monitoring and upgraded backline

CentralBaptistThe last time the Central Baptist Church of Americus, Georgia, got a new sound system, the church’s music was focused around the traditional elements of choir and organ. Times changed, and so did the church’s style of worship, which has expanded to encompass more contemporary forms of praise and worship music, with electric guitars and drums joining the joyful noise. These changes, however, made the inadequacy of the original sound system readily apparent. “There was more instrumentation and far more low-end signal to the newer music, and that exposed the shortcomings of the old sound system,” says Rodney Powe, the Central Baptist Church’s Worship Leader. “The style of worship and available technology had advanced, and it was just time to move to a new sound system.” That led the church to Guitar Center Professional (GC Pro), the outside sales division of Guitar Center that focuses on the needs of professional users.

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Roland Announces M-5000 Live Mixing Console based on New O.H.R.C.A Platform

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O.H.R.C.A represents “Open”, “High Resolution”, and “Configurable Architecture” by delivering freely definable audio paths, supporting multiple audio formats protocols, plus pristine 96 kHz sound quality throughout the system. The new Roland M-5000 Live Mixing Console is the first product based on O.H.R.C.A opening a new generation of live sound solutions for audio professionals.

The Roland M-5000’s internal mix architecture is not fixed and can be freely defined for mixing channels, AUXs, Matrices, subgroup buses, MIX-MINUS buses within a range of up to 128 audio paths allowing user to create a console structure to suit the needs of the application.

The M-5000 has two built-in REAC ports, plus two expansion card slots for Dante, MADI, Waves SoundGrid, or more REAC ports, as well as future formats. The back panel includes 16×16 analog I/O, 4×4 AES/EBU, a 16×16 USB audio interface, connection for control via an iPad connected or wireless, and control ports including footswitches, GP I/O, RS-232C and MIDI. All of this capability enables the console to see up to 300 inputs and 296 outputs, all at 96kHz and even more at 48kHz.

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