Video projection technology is explained in layman’s terms as well as advanced. Read through glossaries, product comparisons, software studies, graphic analysis and much more. A great foundation for any developing video media ministry.

Projector Purchasing 101
October 2010 by Brad Herring

Long Distance Running: The Truth about Signal Extenders
August 2010 by Drew LaHat

3 Secrets of Great Short Films
June 2010 by Phil Cooke

Product Review: Panasonic AV-HS400N Video Switcher
June 2010 by Jay Delp

Lighting Tips: Camera Matching
June 2010 by Ted May

Thinking Outside the Screen: Creative Options for Video
May 2010 by Brad Weston

Product Review: Media Shout V.4
May 2010 by Brad Herring

Knowing The Signage
April 2010 by Jack Boyczuk

Five Minutes with… Cindy Zuelsdorf, Marketing Czar, Ensemble Designs
March 2010 by TFWM

Making The Leap From Non-Linear Editing to LIVE on a Budget
November 2009 by Ankit Patel

5 Minutes With… Doug Reece President and Founder, R-Technics, Inc.
November 2009 by TFWM

Capturing Video
November 2009 by Michael Kirby

The Basics of Video Keying
July / August 2009 by Brad Weston

Signage of the Times
April 2009 by Scott Koffarnus

5 Minutes with… Susumu Hotta President, FOR-A Corp. of America
March 2009 by TFWM

PRODUCT REVIEW: Panasonic AG-HMC150 AVCHD Camcorder
March 2009 by Brad Herring

A Mount To Something: Selecting the Right Display Mounts for your Video System
January / February 2009 by Keith Fulmer

5 Minutes with… Tiffany S. Thomas Director, Business Development, Video Caption Corporation
January / February 2009 by TFWM

What to Expect When You’re Projecting
November 2008 by Ricardo A. Chen

Creating And Using A Ministry Documentary
September 2008 by Brad Herring

5 minutes with… Aaron Pratt Director of Marketing, Microboards Technology
September 2008 by TFWM

The Future of Midi
July/August 2008 by Mike Kent

Worship Software Profile
July/August 2008 by TFWM

5 Minutes with… Steve Gilbard, President, Coolux International
June 2008 by TFWM

Video Projectors in Church – 5 Important Things to Consider
May 2008 by Phil Cooke

DIGITAL VIDEO – Digital Signal Transmission
May 2008 by Mitch Kenison

ANALOG VIDEO: The Format Hierarchy
April 2008 by Mitch Kenison

Shooting A Music Video On a Budget
March 2008 by David Ross

PRODUCT REVIEW: Hitachi CP-X03 3LCD Projector
March 2008 by Jay Delp

Enhancing Worship with Visual Imagery
January / February 2008 by Brad Weston

Light Wars in Your Sanctuary
December 2007 by Thomas Stewart

Heartland Church: A Case Study
November 2007 by Susan Lewis

Thinking and Seeing Outside the Box
November 2007 by Greg Smith

Tools or Toys? Media Presentation
October 2007 by Mike Overlin

Quick How-To Guide for Streaming Video
October 2007 by David Stoner

October 2007 by Kevin Rogers Cobus

Video Switchers in Plain English
September 2007 by Jay Delp

5 Minutes with… JAN SANDRI, President, FSR
July / August 2007 by Kevin Rogers Cobus

June 2007 by Jay Delp

Product Review: ELATION POWER SPOT 700
June 2007 by Stephen Ellison

June 2007 by Hal Truax

Guiding Creative Talent: THE WAY OF WONDER
April 2007 by Mark Courtney

BROADCASTING WITHOUT BORDERS: TFWM’s Broadcast Round table Discussion
April 2007 by Kevin Rogers Cobus

April 2007 by Chris Gibbs

Networked Projection in Worship
April 2007 by Mark Holt

Storing Your Media Content
April 2007 by Michael Jefferson

March 2007 by Mark Courtney

March 2007 by Geoff Stedman

Product Review FSR Eagle 200 Seamless Switcher
March 2007 by Paul Clifford

5 minutes with… PETER TAYLOR, Eastern Regional/National Sales Manager VAD, Barco PSD
March 2007 by Kevin Rogers Cobus

REINVENTING THE SANCTUARY: Audio & Video – One Step at a Time
January 2007 by JC Costa

SHOOTING THE ROOM: Primary Components and Considerations of In-Sanctuary, Multi-Camera Systems
January 2007 by Jay Delp

Product Review: CANON XH G1 and XH A1 CAMCORDERS
January 2007 by Chip Willis

January 2007 by Michael Jefferson

November 2006 by Jay Delp

November 2006 by Jason Moore and Len Wilson

November 2006 by Brad Herring

An Open Letter to Media Educators
November 2006 by Phil Cooke

November 2006 by Mark Courtney

November 2006 by Jay Delp

Mounting Solutions
September 2006 by Derrik Lam

Crafting A Documentary
June 2006 by Mark Courtney

Screening Imperfections
May 2006 by Thomas Stewart

The Right Amount: Projector Mounting Solutions
May 2006 by Derrik Lam

Mastering Media Compression
May 2006 by Jay Delp

Power Protection for A/V Equipment
May 2006 by Tom Holmes

Creating Visual Style
April 2006 by Mark Courtney

The Magic of Scalers and Seamless Switchers
April 2006 by Clint Hoffman

Planning for the Multimedia Church
January/February 2006 by Kevin Cole

Unconventional Video
June 2005 by Gregory Zschomler

Lights, Camera – Barna?
June 2005 by Terry Wilhite

HD to SD: Should Your Church Make the Switch?
May 2005 by Jay Delp

Multi-Point Inspection for IMAG Eyesores
April 2005 by Jay Delp

Subject to Change
April 2005 by Len Wilson

Video Display Formats
April 2005 by Vance Breshears

Experiential Video
March 2005 by Cathy Hutchison

Video Systems and Understanding Quality
January 2005 by Dan Stark

Digital Video Editing: “Capturing” the Imagination
January 2005 by Jay Delp

Graphics Creation Tips (From the Real World)
January 2005 by Tim Eason

Wiz-Bang PowerPoint Magic
November 2004 by Gregory Zschomler

Going Beyond PowerPoint
November 2004 by Derek Pfeifer

The Multiple Angles of Multi-Camera Productions
July 2004 by Jay Delp

“Pre-Fab” to “Home-Grown”
May 2004 by Jay Delp

Bringing Motion Imagery to Worship Part 2
May 2004 by Phil Bates

Spreading News Throughout Your Building
May 2004 by Janet Beasley

Media Arts in Church- True Innovation
May 2004 by Lou Douros

Sacred Room Combining
May 2004 by Cameron Smith

How To Make A Good “Man on the Street” Video
May 2004 by Len Wilson

The Balun Revolution
March 2004 by Cameron Smith

Choosing A Church Control System
November 2003 by Bob Ginger

Using Video to Augment Worship
November 2003 by John Broadhead

A Look Inside DLP Technology
September 2003 by Ian McMurray

Video Revamp
July 2003 by Ian McMurray

Tune It Up: Integrating Media into Worship
July 2003 by Jason Moore

Budget Projections
May 2003 by James Chan

Creative Excellence
May 2003 by Batsirai Chada

Strive for Excellence, Standing in Grace
March 2003 by Tim Eason

Media Ministers in the Making
November 2002 by Teresa Norris

Staying Current With Today’s Latest
July 2002 by Ryan Lowry

Attack of the Upgrades!
July 2002 by Tim Eason

Screened Knowledge
May 2002 by Cindy Ganz

Going Rental
May 2002 by Kathy Huber

Switch It Up
May 2002 by Sophie Robert

Are Your Projection and Lighting Systems Compatible?
May 2002 by Janet Beasley

Top Six Projector Installation Problems
May 2002 by Katie Sillanpa

Choosing the Right Screen
May 2002 by Dan Bevels

(Almost) Everything You Need To Know About Digital Projectors
May 2002 by Stacey Dore

Harnessing and Mastering Powerpoint
May 2002 by David Rauch

Discovering Great Graphics
March 2002 by Neil Morrison

The Sower and the Seed Part 2
January 2002 by Tim Eason

Choosing the Right Size Projection Screen
September 2001 by Terry Coffey

The Wired Church-Make It Real
July 2001 by Len Wilson

Building Better Graphics- Worth A Thousand Words?
July 2001 by Jason Moore

A Solid Foundation
July 2001 by Joe Nicholson

You Can Afford Non-Linear Editing!
May 2001 by Don Brooks

Go W I D E
May 2001 by Tim Eason

The Wired Church- “That One Was a Complete Failure”
March 2001 by Len Wilson

The Fruits of Fiber
March 2001 by Donna Siani

Building Better Graphics- Sing A New Song
March 2001 by Jason Moore

Video Production Resources
November 2000 by Tim Eason

Tim’s Top Ten: Software Comparison List
September 2000 by Tim Eason

Powerpoint 2000- Dual Screen Tips
September 2000 by Tim Eason

Visual Aids
July 2000 by Greg Hertfelder

DYS- Video Stage Monitors
July 2000 by Tim Eason

Selecting A Projection Screeen
May 2000 by Chris O’Neal

Multimedia for Ministry
May 2000 by Mike Loomis

Visual Communication Systems- Part II
May 2000 by Doug Armand

What Is A Lumen?
March 2000 by Kevin Barlow

Visual Communication Systems-Part I
March 2000 by Doug Armand

Church Media Q & A
March 2000 by Anthony D. Coppedge

The Big Picture on BIG PICTURES
January 2000 by Lou Douros