World’s Largest Online Library for Biblical Content Offers Extended Free Access During COVID-19

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RightNow Media Helps Christians Stay Connected to God’s Word By Providing Free Access to a Selection of Video Resources

In recognition of the CDC’s recommendation to halt all gatherings of fifty individuals or more for the next eight weeks, RightNow Media, the world’s largest and most trusted library for online biblical content, is now offering extended free access to a selection of video resources. Content provided through the free trial includes Bible studies on a variety of relevant topics such as fear and anxiety as well as kids’ shows and content for Christian professionals through the RightNow Media @ Work app.

“Our mission has always been to serve the church. In times like these when the church is forced to operate in new ways, we want to be there to help. Since many people are now home-bound for a season, we believe this is a time when we can provide some encouraging and helpful content,” said RightNow Media President Brian Mosley. “We want anyone in the country or the world to have free access to some specific resources that we think could be beneficial in these uncertain times. We have chosen content that can help those with anxiety or fear as well as content that can help parents who find themselves with kids at home more than usual.”

Individuals and organizations that do not currently have access to RightNow Media can sign up for the new special account via the following link: