The Canadian College of Performing Arts Invests in Prolyte

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The Canadian College of Performing Arts (CCPA) in Victoria, BC, believes in education, artistic excellence, and community. They pride themselves on their reputation and have a 90% career placement success rate among their graduates within their field. CCPA was looking for a permanent rigging solution for their stage lighting and turned to Paul Croy, Managing Director of Croy & Co. Stage Lighting Ltd. (Croy & Co.).

Paul Croy is well known by the CCPA having served on their board of directors, teaching the students how to use lighting equipment, and providing lighting solutions for them over many years.

CCPA rents their teaching space within a Church gymnasium and auditorium and has never had good rigging points in the facility. They wanted to add 6 rigging points for lighting their stage. The College looked at installing rigging points in the ceiling, however, this project would require reengineering the ceiling, which was not an ideal solution in a rented facility.

“When we reviewed the project with the College, we recommended a ground supported truss grid with chain falls,” explains Croy. “The rigging would then be something that the College could take with them to another facility if necessary. In this environment, it is much more feasible to support the lighting from the ground up.”

Prolyte’s H40 Truss System was purchased for the project. The grid was created to be 36 feet wide by 40 feet long by 17’6 feet high, supported on 6 legs. There are 3 lighting positions on the truss. Side lighting positions are provided by three 25 foot sections secured with chain falls.

CCPA has a lot of flexibility with the Prolyte truss structure. Some of the lighting that they use on the truss is Chroma-Q®’s Color Force(both the original and version II), which the college owns, as well as other moving lighting fixtures that they rent or own for the production.

“Prolyte products can be tailored to anyone’s needs, that’s the beauty of the product,” remarks Paul. “The client is impressed with the rigging structure and happy with the result.”

Prolyte and Chroma-Q® products were supplied to Croy & Co. by A.C. Lighting Inc.

Watch the Facebook video of the installation.