Sessionwire™, the industry’s first all-in-one remote music and audio production environment that seamlessly integrates with popular DAWs, has introduced SessionPass, a unique way for Sessionwire members on the free Creator plan to use Sessionwire’s premium plugins and high-quality audio without having to pay for a monthly or annual subscription.

Using SessionPass is quick and easy. A three-day Sessionpass can be purchased at The purchased SessionPass can then be activated immediately or at any point in the future by clicking the link in the activation email sent after purchase.

Once a SessionPass is activated, a user has full access to Sessionwire’s premium paid Artist plan features, including Sessionwire’s suite of audio plugins and HQ (High Quality) audio. Musicians, producers, engineers — anyone with SessionPass access — can begin immediately collaborating and working together on a high-quality audio remote recording project in real-time.

Sessionwire allows musicians, engineers, producers — anyone with a key stake in a writing or recording project — to connect and collaborate over the Internet via high-quality audio and video alongside any Mac- or Windows-based DAW live, from anywhere in the world.

Along with SessionPass, Sessionwire’s core components include the stand-alone Mac and Windows app, online community, a suite of cross-platform plug-ins, and the unique Sessionview, a browser-based production environment that allows anyone with a link to participate in a remote session with live high-quality audio and video.

“SessionPass eliminates the need for Sessionwire community members to be forced into paying for a recurring subscription plan,” said Robin Leboe, Sessionwire co-founder and CTO. “Research has shown that most musicians, artists, producers, etc. don’t like paying for subscription services because they don’t need to use that service all the time. SessionPass enables anyone in the Sessionwire community to use Sessionwire’s premium Artist plan features as needed, on their own terms.”

To learn more about SessionPass and Sessionwire, visit

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