As part of the Ross Live | 2020 program, Ross is today pleased to announce the Graphite PPC, a new portable production center that is lightweight, feature-rich and available at an incredibly accessible price.

Graphite PPC offers customers a remarkable amount of production horsepower – up to two MEs (and four MiniMEs), four DVEs, six frame syncs, four media stores and two MultiViewers. Capable of handling up to thirteen inputs and up to eight outputs, Graphite PPC also includes the same RAVE audio engine (with sample rate converters) that comes with the larger Graphite solution, as well as the same XPression graphics and clips package also found in its elder sibling. Graphite PPC is incredibly light – it weighs only 42 lbs / 19kg including its dedicated soft-shell carrying case equipped with a pull-out handle and wheels. It’s also extremely quiet – ultra-quiet fan cooling means the system can easily be used in the same space as the talent with microphones. Graphite PPC is simple to set-up and requires just a single operator, so you can now deliver a high impact, high efficiency production even more easily.

Nigel Spratling, VP of Switchers & Servers at Ross, is delighted to be unveiling the new solution today. “It’s always satisfying when we can take real world customer feedback and quickly translate that into a new solution. We had many customers praising the impressive features of Graphite but asking for something lighter and portable. Graphite PPC is the real ‘grab and go’ production solution the market has been looking for, and the starting price of US $20k makes Ross performance, quality, and reliability even more accessible than ever before. I’m sure our customers are going to create incredible shows with this new member of the Graphite family; I can’t wait to see the results.”

For more information, please visit to watch today’s webcast with Les O’Reilly and Nigel Spratling.

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