Roland Announces Aerophone Pro Version 2.0, Available for Free Download

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Roland is announcing a free Version 2.0 update for owners of the Aerophone Pro. With a refined design, premium components, and a vast sonic palette from Roland’s most advanced sound engines, Aerophone Pro’s latest update adds new, expressive features for wind players, including access to Roland Cloud Wave Expansions, Sound Packs with custom-designed sounds, motion sensor control, and updated clarinet and flute fingering modes.

Aerophone Pro makes it easy to channel creativity and lose yourself in the moment. Adjustable fingerings for saxophone (complete with a high-F# key), brasswinds, and now flute and clarinet, make it easy to play for new or existing Aerophone users. And the new motion sensor, programmable controllers for both hands, and a MIDI input for footswitches greatly expand performance options. Through extensive research and development, the breath and bite sensors are more responsive and expressive than ever, with low latency and configurable settings to suit any unique playing style.

With a 6-month Roland Cloud Pro membership included, musicians can explore new sonic territory with Wave Expansions, Sound Packs, and tones created with other instruments based on the ZEN-Core Synthesis System. There are even Sound Packs expertly designed for Aerophone Pro that take full advantage of its unique controls and expressive articulations.

Aerophone Pro Key Features

Sleek and refined design with premium materials and pro connectivity
More playable and responsive than ever with low-latency sensors and controls
(NEW) Clarinet and Flute fingerings along with standard sax, brass, and recorder fingerings
(NEW) 6-month free Roland Cloud Pro membership expands your palette, including sounds customized for Aerophone Pro
(NEW) Motion sensor lets you use physical movement to control pitch, roll, and more
(NEW) Chromatic percussion instruments with roll
Over 300 acoustic and electronic sounds from traditional to modern and world instruments
Newly modeled SuperNATURAL tones with authentic acoustic sound and response
Advanced ZEN-Core Synthesis System for vintage and modern synthesizer sounds
Easy-to-read OLED screen and ergonomic controls
Layer up to five-part harmonies or play along with the new drone function
Bluetooth audio and MIDI, USB MIDI, and traditional MIDI ports
Built-in speaker, headphones jack, and battery power so you can play anywhere
Editor app for full visual control and deep editing on mobile devices
High-quality, cushioned carrying bag with large pocket for accessories
English, Japanese, and Chinese language support

Roland’s Aerophone series has opened a new world of creative possibilities for wind instrument players, and Aerophone Pro, which debuted in December 2020, delivers the most expressive and playable experience yet.