Proteus Odeon with variable CRI engine a game-changer in professional framing profiles 

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Elation continues to discover new lighting frontiers with the Proteus Odeon, an IP66-rated framing profile moving head with industry-first completely variable CRI LED engine. A breakthrough innovation in color and performance control, this professional framing profile fixture isn’t shy on power and is packed with design features. 

Elation has spent several years developing a new CRI technology, combining a blend of high and low CRI LEDs into a single high-density array. The innovative concept, called TruTone, essentially provides both high and low CRI engines in one, adjustable CRI control that allows the user to find the best blend of lighting intensity and color accuracy.  

The variable TruTone system is seamlessly adjustable from CRI 70 to 93, blending smoothly with no switching or stepping. As CRI adapts, color temperature remains stable with no visible artifacts in the beam and projected image. With CRI adjustable from a single fixture, not only can Odeon cater to a wide range of applications but designers do not require multiple fixture variants to achieve accurate color representation.  

By offering the flexibility to adjust color rendering, the Proteus Odeon enhances the accuracy, aesthetics, and functionality of lighting in any setting. It allows users to customize and adjust the lighting to suit different requirements and match the desired mood or style, all from one light.  

High-performance lighting with dynamic zoom and CMY color mixing 

The Proteus Odeon outputs up to 30,000 lumens from a custom-designed 580W variable CRI bright-white LED engine (6,500K). With a fast zoom range from 5.5° to 50° out of a surprisingly compact fixture design, the Odeon has the power to cut through on any stage. Zoom wide for a wash of gorgeous color from a CMY color mixing system with linear CTO color correction or zoom tight to project a powerful, tangible shaft of narrow light. Complementing the CMY color mixing system is a 5-slot color wheel that includes a UV filter. 

Multiple roles  

The Odeon can play a dual role in a single show, for example as a key light with high CRI in one scene and an effect light with high output in the next. Whether it’s a fashion show where accurate color reproduction is needed, or a rock ‘n roll show that requires that extra punch, with Odeon you always have the right lamp for the job. 

Proteus Odeon avoids the inconvenience and pricy compromise of fixtures with replaceable LED engines. No longer is the designer stuck with the choices he or she made in the type of LED engine. Odeon allows them to adjust from highest performance to best color rendering through a simple adjustment from the lighting console.  

Any production environment 

Odeon’s color quality and quiet operation is perfect for TV and theater, and its sealed IP65 design ensures long life and clean optics in all sorts of venues, even indoor theaters, cruise ships and other applications where reduced maintenance and long-term performance are crucial. Fully loaded, this LED profile luminaire in Elation’s award-winning Proteus line is fit for use in any production environment, indoors or out, and due to its all-purpose functionality can be used anywhere in a rig.  

Creativity at its core 

Designers have access to a comprehensive FX package that includes 13 rotating and 7 fixed glass gobos across three gobo wheels. Effects can be multiplied via an overlapping 4-facet or linear rotating prism and a 360° bi-directional animation wheel can be engaged to bring graphics to life. Two variable frost filters (light and wash) can be applied for an even diffusion of light when designers wish for softer gobo or powerful wash effects. A high-speed iris with variable pulse effects and high-speed electronic shutter and strobe can be engaged for further impression.  

The Proteus Odeon also includes an indexable 4-blade framing system with full blackout shutter cuts for full control of the beam shape and projection at any angle. Internal color, framing, prism, and frost macros have been included to easily recall commonly used effects. The fixture dims smoothly all the way to zero with smooth 16-bit selectable dimming curves included. 

Outdoor or indoor settings 

Compact for its class, an IP66 rating and completely sealed optics mean the Odeon is ideal for exposed outdoor environments like outdoor stages, theme parks and cruise ships. Yet its IP-rated properties are just as beneficial in dirty or humid indoor settings where dust, grit and moisture can unwittingly wreak havoc on lighting gear. Because the fixture is environmentally sealed from moisture, dust or any particulate, including airborne haze and fog, its internal components seldom require cleaning with no degradation of the optics. The result is less operational costs and a longer product lifetime.  

About Elation  

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