PROLIGHTS and A.C. Lighting Inc. are excited to participate in LDI 2023 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from December 3-5. Stop by booth 319 to see live demonstrations of new PROLIGHTS fixtures, plus a few of your favorites.

PROLIGHTS proudly introduces the EclFresnel CT+ series, an innovative range of LED Fresnel fixtures designed to redefine the standard in the category. With a newly engineered 6-color Spektra calibrated LED source, designed and manufactured in Europe, this series sets industry standards for performance, versatility, and control.

EclPar IPMFC is your ultimate lighting companion: versatile, reliable, rain or shine. A revolutionary compact LED Par with IP65 passive cooling, exceptional output brightness, and advanced color control. It is waterproof (IP65) and fan-free, ensuring reliable performance even in wet and dusty conditions. Its die-cast aluminum alloy construction guarantees durability, with a lightweight design of just 4.1 kg and efficient heat dissipation. This groundbreaking Par delivers a powerful 3500 lumens in high-output mode (35 lm/W), thanks to its 100 W Spektra RGB+Warm White LED source. In High Quality (HQ) mode, it achieves impressive scores on CRI (>94), R9 (>95), and TLCI (>81), optimizing the spectrum (SPD) for advanced lighting experience.

EclExpo Flood Series is a family of bright and versatile floodlights available in full color or variable white –  300FC, 150FC, 150VW, 300VW. A compact and bright floodlight designed to substitute traditional CDM, HMI, and tungsten small floods in tradeshows, theaters, or as a practical work light. It features a custom LED source combined with a reflector, providing an impressive 100° x 60° coverage of indirect light emission.

The Astra Hybrid330, is a hybrid moving head with an LED source designed for everyday use. Compact, powerful, and silent, it can be used in any application, such as live, corporate, theater, or television events, creating a standard device for any type of event or project with a single luminaire.

EclProfile CT+ is a high-quality, six-color mixing LED ellipsoidal. Designed to reach the finest quality of light for white tones and color spectrum, its custom LED array and powerful onboard color control allow it to reach bright and high-quality whites, up to 97 of CRI, keeping a consistent output and ensuring total control of the light.

The EclCyclorama 100 is a soft-edge, linear cyclorama, and floodlight, designed in a surprisingly low profile form factor to meet applications at both the front and end of the stage. This fixture offers an unprecedented level of brightness in its category.

Stop by A.C. Lighting Inc.’s booth #319. Register for a FREE exhibit hall pass with our VIP CODE: 10300

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