New accessories for the DPA 6060 Subminiature Lavaliers

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Paintable Subminiature Cap

Together with the new Paintable Subminiature Cap, the 6060 Subminiature Microphone is perfect for broadcast, film and theatre productions.

For broadcast, pair the solution with a white clip for an unobtrusive solution on white dress shirts. For film production, color it to blend into a costume or skip the paint and use it to hide a 6060 in the button-hole of a white shirt. For bodyworn theatre situations, the cap can be quickly and easily painted and/or covered in makeup. This allows unlimited visual creativity when miking up talent. All types of paint and makeup normally used in a theatre environment can be used.

8-Way Double Clip

When extra audio security is needed, this double clip for subminiature lavaliers is a flexible and sturdy solution. The 360° clip allows the lavalier to be mounted in eight positions, chosen in 45° incremental steps. This makes it very easy to change the mics from women’s shirts to men’s shirts (left- to right-buttoned) or even t-shirts and the like where the neckline is used.