MSE Audio’s SoundTube® Releases Updates to Line Array Speakers

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MSE Audio announces an updated aluminum casing to SoundTube’s LA880i-II and LA808i-II line array speakers. While there are no acoustic changes to the superior sound quality of the speakers, they now come with aluminum cabinets for a contemporary look and cleaner aesthetic.

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“SoundTube’s LA880i-II and LA808i-II line array speakers have a new, sleek look. The new aluminum casing enhances the speakers’ looks, blending in modern spaces seamlessly,” said Mike Sipe, vice president, sales. “The speakers continue to be ideal for PA and sound reinforcement applications for large groups of people, such as large houses of worship, university lecture halls, transportation centers such as train platforms, and airport terminals.”

Not a typical line array column loudspeaker, SoundTube LA880i-II’s advanced LAPS (Line Array-Point Source) 3-way design provides a very short near-field extent and robust far-field performance. The LA880i-II maintains a more consistent ratio of array height to radiated wavelength with frequency tapering of low and mid-frequency passbands, ensuring a stable vertical beamwidth that out-performs many other single box line arrays. Measuring only 7.91″ x 40.87″ x 11.99”, the LA880i-II achieves superb coverage in an enclosure. It features eight 4.5-inch woofers, eight 2-inch midrange drivers and one 2.5-inch planar magnetics (ribbon) high-frequency driver for a highly smooth high-frequency response.

Recommended in spaces that have a large reverberation time, the SoundTube LA808i is designed to increase the directivity of low frequencies in SoundTube’s Line Array system. With identical dimensions to those of the LA880i, it can be used only in conjunction with the LA880i 3-way line array and placed directly above or below the LA880i (or both). When a single unit is added to the LA880i, the directivity of low frequencies is increased by up to an octave lower than with the LA880i alone. Coverage Angle: (-6 dB @ 2 kHz) 103 horizontal, 29 vertical | (-6 dB @ 10 kHz) 77 horizontal, 51 vertical | (Avg. 2 to 10 kHz) 90 horizontal, 60 vertical (200-10k).

The LA880i-II and LA808i-II line array speakers are currently available in black, with plans to release a white version at a future date.

MSE Audio will feature SoundTube, SolidDrive, Soundsphere and Rockustics products at InfoComm in Orlando, Florida, October 27-29 in the SoundTube booth 2843.