How Many Mixers Does Your Church Need?

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by Tim Adams

As a church grows, it can be difficult for leadership to know when the purchase of a new mixer is justified and necessary. After all, as a church expands, events and ministries tend to grow in number and frequency, as well.

The answer to how many mixers your church needs is: it depends. If you’re a small church (500 or less), you can probably get away with one mixer in your sanctuary (we call it FOH for front of house) and perhaps a mobile system that can be setup in the fellowship hall or outside for the church picnic, etc.

You could also be a very dynamic church with a large vision for growth, community and technical excellence. So the same church size could have a FOH mixer, a mixer for the live stream, a mixer for monitors and/or in-ears for the musicians, a portable sound system for events around and outside the church, a dedicated mixer for the youth room and an installed mixer in the fellowship hall…..

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