Follow-Me Track-iT Launches During LDI

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Follow-Me Track-iT is the next generation of Ultra Wideband auto-tracking. It is fixture independent and flexible. As an add-on to Follow-Me 3D SIX. Follow-Me Track-iT allows operators to switch seamlessly between manual and auto-tracking. With Follow-Me Track-iT both manual and auto tracking can be used autonomously, simultaneously, and as redundancy within the one system.

INDEPENDENT – Follow-Me Track-iT works seamlessly with any manufacturer’s moving lights, used as a follow-spot. There is no limit to the number of fixtures you can use in the Follow-Me Track-iT system. Stable beams are generated on the performer through smart motion filtering algorithms and prediction. You can also integrate and merge any lighting console and/or video, audio & automation system, using Track-iT’s performer positioning information allowing you to get creative.

FLEXIBLE –Through the Follow-Me systems’ camera you have a live video feed of the performance area. You will see the crosshairs automatically following the performers over a camera feed. This provides the operator and LD with a great reference of the real-time auto tracking taking place. Quickly assign any fixture in your rig to any of the performers using Follow-Me control channels in your lighting console.

SCALEABLE Performers wear compact tags that communicate their position with the anchors that surround the area to be tracked. Unlimited fixtures and other devices requiring positional data can be assigned to track performers. Have multiple performers? No problem! Track-iT is scalable all you do is add more tags. Need a bigger performance area? Just add more anchors to ensure optimal UWB coverage and seamless tracking. There is no real limit to the trackable performance area.

Join Follow-Me at LDI in A.C. Lighting Inc.’s booth #323 during #LDI2022 for a live demonstration of a complete Follow-Me System. Follow-Me will show you how to enable remote manual follow-spot operation and auto-tracking from one scalable system. Follow-Me will be presenting Track-iT during the LDI New Tech Breakfast from 9 am – 11 am Friday, November 18, 2022 (room N245).

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