EARTEC Global Connect – Full Duplex Over IP

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The HUB with Global Connect wireless from EARTEC provides outstanding, long-range, full duplex communication over IP webchat. Add the HUB to any computer or smartphone, initiate a webchat, and a crew of up to 8 mobile wireless users can communicate in full duplex within a 400 yard range through the internet to anyone on a computer or cell phone anywhere else in the world.

Global Connect systems begin with a custom wireless intercom including a HUB Mini Base along with any combination of up to 8 transceivers including UltraLITE wireless or UltraPAK radios with lightweight headsets. This full duplex intercom is linked to the internet via a Global Connect kit which includes a custom cable assembly for smartphone and USB with soundcard for laptop / desktop.

Once a web chat is established via Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams etc. simply add your HUB system and everyone that is communicating within a 400-yard range is automatically linked to your party or parties on the other side of the internet chat.