d&b Soundscape Creates Connection at Pinelake Church

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When Pinelake Church first moved into their new building in Reservoir, MS, the church had just stopped using an orchestra and moved more toward using a praise band. Now they are very contemporary and using more guitars which are very important in the mix. “Before d&b Soundscape was installed, there were serious dead spots with the previous system,” states Kevin Hoober, Director of Worship Technology, Pinelake Church. “As you moved throughout the room, the mix changed at times dramatically.”

“The room is very wide and fan-shaped so the audience in the middle of the sanctuary can see and hear with accurate localization, but for audience members who are seated to the sides, the visual and the audio become disconnected,” states Nick Malgieri, Advanced. Systems Specialist, d&b audiotechnik Americas. “So how do we reintroduce creativity and artistry into live sound at large events without burdening the engineer or the production? We also want the audience to listen in a more natural way. That’s the goal of Soundscape.”

Phil Halgood, General Manager at Interise said, “Our goal was to focus on clear, transparent, distraction-free, communication of the message, d&b Soundscape really worked toward what we needed with an intuitive, graphical interface.”

Malgieri said there are 40 speaker positions each having different signals sent based on where the sound object is; located in the control software. “This allows people to become creative very quickly and very simply.”
“Behind the fader layer, as a technician you don’t feel that complication,” says Hoober. “It makes mixing easier, and frankly, more enjoyable. One of the unique challenges with this project was that the projection lines are very tight to the ceiling so long arrays could not be used.”

Malgieri notes that traditional PA systems with long line arrays have huge impact on sightlines. “Soundscape allows us to use a larger quantity of smaller loudspeaker systems that are totally invisible to the audience.”