Multi-Camera Worship Basics

Upgrade your live stream experience to immerse your audience in a truly dynamic worship service. With multiple camera angles capturing every moment, your viewers will feel like they are right there with you, no matter where they are watching from. So how can you...

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Is Your Audio Equipment Future Proof?

By Andres Caamano For houses of worship, when considering buying new audio equipment, taking a long-term vision is a wise path to follow. If newly purchased gear can serve a ministry well for a decade, avoiding wholesale change, that vision has been successful....

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Lighting for Video

Lighting designers work in a variety of lighting disciplines including theatrical, architectural, video/broadcast, and concert lighting, for example. For the church lighting designer, life is sometimes complicated because a worship service often requires knowledge...

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How Do I Improve My Lighting Overall?

By Tim Adams

I’ve said this time and again but lighting often presents as some black art with no rhyme or reason, but if one takes the time to study it, lighting opens itself up to your knowledge and you finally understand how it works.

In terms of improving lighting in your space, we first must ask some questions: what do you want from your lighting system? Are you looking for general illumination over the congregation (what we call “house” lighting)?

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Reducing Feedback

Feedback in a sound system is that annoying howling or squealing tone you hear when the microphones pick up amplified sound from the loudspeakers. Sound from the speakers enters the mics, is re-amplified, and goes around in a feedback loop. Almost instantly, the...

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Studios in Ministry Environment

2020 was a tipping point for digital communication and 2021 has accelerated it. Organizations had to evolve to find ways to do business online and now the next wave of digital transformation is before us. If we want to be valued by our audiences, we must find ways to improve connection and engagement.

The only way to do this is to provide more relevant experiences by elevating digital content. If digital transformation isn’t part of an organization’s 2022 plan, they will lose out on relationship building with their audience. If digital transformation is a priority, they have the potential to grow their audience.

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