Bose COVID-19 Podcast

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Understanding the power of sound and how it connects us all, Bose Professional has released its latest podcast episode, “Being the Church During the COVID-19 Emergency.” This episode hosts Lead Pastors Clint Nolder of Foundation Church in Newnan, Georgia, and Dr. Fayez Ayoub of North Florida Baptist Church in Tallahassee, Florida; and the President of The NewGround Group, Don Allensworth. Together they explore how audio and technology within houses of worship can be adapted during the current health crisis and enable congregations to stay connected. The podcast is part of a series offered by Bose Professional in its ongoing efforts to provide educational information, voices of strength and inspiration for the markets it serves.

For as long as they’ve existed, churches have been a place for worshipers to regularly gather together, welcoming people and where the doors remain open. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented church leaders with a number of difficult questions: How do you continue to lead and provide for your congregation when you can’t meet in the manner accustomed to? How can congregants continue to feel connected and engaged? What role does today’s technology play in these situations?

The podcast is available as part of its Bose Church initiative and explores how professional audio and video technology supports the mission to communicate and stay connected, and discusses how church leaders can leverage technology to continue ministering to worshipers even during difficult times. Each guest provided insight on the role of technology in his own ongoing mission of guidance while addressing specific points on what to consider.

Listen to the podcast here