Acoustics First Video Demonstrations

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from Acoustics First

Understanding acoustics is the first step in determining which acoustical materials are necessary for a particular sound control application. These educational videos are designed to present acoustic principles in simple, easy to understand demonstrations. Demonstrations include how acoustical panels improve sound, how to use multiple materials to block sound, how acoustic diffusers scatter sound and how isolators control mechanical sound transmission.

SOUND ABSORPTION: How Acoustical Panels Improve Sound
Without using a lot of math, the following video demonstrates how acoustical panels affect sound to reduce reflections to improve sound and speech clarity.

This video illustrates how multiple layers of different building materials, such as BlockAid® Barrier and fiberglass, are more effective than one single material at reducing sound transmission and increasing STC.

DIFFUSING / SCATTERING SOUND: Sound Diffusion Explained
Using an array of ping pong balls to represent sound visually, this video simply demonstrates what occurs when sound strikes an acoustic diffuser’s surface.

VIBRATION ISOLATION DEMONSTRATION: Controlling Mechanical Sound Transmission
This simple vibration demonstration challenges to provide a basic understanding of how acoustical materials may be used to prevent the spread of mechanical noise and vibration through existing structures like walls, floors and ceilings.