XSF UV Light Towers

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Using existing germicidal technology and UV-C lights, XSF has developed the XSF UV Light Towers. They are sturdy stainless steel and aluminum towers that provide peace of mind by disinfecting exposed surfaces and air in rooms or enclosed spaces.

There are two models of the UV Light Tower currently offered by XSF. The Timer Model is a 440W UV-C tower with 8each 55W lamps, a built-in programmable LED touch screen timer, and a remote switch. The touch screen timer may be set in 5 minute increments up to the desired disinfection time. Disinfection time recommendations are provided with the UV Tower. Once the cycle is initiated, the touch screen will show a 60 second countdown to allow personnel to evacuate the area to be disinfected before the lights automatically turn on. The tower will turn itself off after the pre-determined cycle countdown is complete.

The UV tower can be turned off remotely using a key fob that also acts as an emergency shutoff. The Base Model, offered at a lower price point, can be turned on and off remotely using the key fob to allow spaces to be disinfected without exposure to personnel.

The 55W germicidal lamps installed in the UV Light Tower have an effective life of 8,000 hours of run time.

UV-C germicidal technology and UV-C lights are proven to kill up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria including the Coronavirus, flu, pneumonia, staff infection, and hepatitis. The technology has been widely used commercially since the 1970s. It is a trusted method to quickly and efficiently disinfect and sanitize air, water, and exposed surfaces.

UV lighting is an excellent disinfection and sanitization solution for use in worship facilities, office suites, classrooms, government courtrooms, convention centers, clinics, nursing homes, restaurants, and a host of other enclosed area applications.

The XSF UV Light towers can perform the disinfection of a 10 ft. X 10 ft. space in 5 minutes, or locations up to 2500 square feet (50 ft. X 50 ft. room) in 90 minutes. A chart is provided with each unit displaying recommended cycle times for various room sizes. Larger rooms such as gymnasiums or auditoriums may be treated by moving the light tower to different locations and treating a portion of the space at a time.

The wide base of each unit provides for a stable footprint with heavy duty casters that lock to prevent the unit from rolling on sloped floor. The light towers are user friendly and easy to operate.

The XSF Light Tower is a viable industrial grade solution to disinfect your facility or workspace, proudly manufactured in the USA.

For more information contact XSF by phone at 903-438-1100, by email at Sales@XSFtruss.com, or visit their website at www.XSFtruss.com.