RightNow Media Provides Toolkit on Caring for Neighbors

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RightNow Media, the world’s largest streaming library of biblical content, is offering The Art of Neighboring, a video series and resource to empower individuals to serve their neighbors while social distancing.

Hosted by Dave Runyon, executive director of CityUnite, and Jay Pathak, pastor of Mile High Vineyard Church, the four-part video series teaches viewers how to become better neighbors. It encourages Christians to push through the uncomfortable feelings that come with communicating with, investing in, and caring for the people who live near them.

“Being diligent to practice social distancing and follow the guidelines set by the CDC is vital to our own safety and the safety of others,” said Runyon. “However, there is a big difference between social distancing and social isolation. Due to COVID-19, we have a unique opportunity to build relationships with those who live near us that will make a big difference in their lives and ours.”

In addition to the video series, Runyon and Pathak provide a digital toolkit to care for neighbors safely while following social distancing guidelines. Suggestions include creating a neighborhood directory for times of crisis, hosting neighborhood meet-ups by placing chairs six feet apart, or hosting virtual trivia nights.

“In the current health and economic crisis, the commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves is more important than ever,” said Brian Mosley, president of RightNow Media.

The toolkit also includes special suggestions for helping the most at-risk members of our community, the elderly and immunocompromised.

“Almost a decade ago, a group of pastors in Colorado started a movement centered around loving our neighbors and documented their experience in the book The Art of Neighboring,” said Pathak. “COVID-19-informed neighboring is the antidote to the isolation and loneliness of social distancing. There’s never been a better time to meet and connect with the people who live right outside your front door.”

For more information on The Art of Neighboring series and toolkit, visit https://www.rightnowmedia.org/content/series/392825.