PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC is Now Available in North America

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A.C. Lighting Inc., distributor of world-class lighting and rigging technologies, is pleased to announce that PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC is now available in North America.

The EclPanel TWC, a 2×1 softlight with tunable white and colors LED soft light, has now become available in the United States through A.C. Lighting Inc, PROLIGHTS’ exclusive distributor.

This fixture provides a beautiful, wide source of soft and precise colors, plus a full range of calibrated white presets with 28K resolution, from tungsten to daylight, reaching an outstanding quality of light, with high CRI, TLCI, and TM-30 values.

The EclPanel TWC has a wide CCT range between 2,200K to 15,000K in film mode, +/- green correction, HSI for total control of hue, RGBW mixing, saturation, and intensity control, and FX mode that control the on-board pixel effects. Advanced users can also find available XY coordinates control and a selectable PWM range up to 36KHz.

The 430W source provides an incredible output upwards of 34,236 lumens, whilst maintaining a very soft output using the different diffusion filters available. Though it’s possible to run the internal effect macros, the unit can be addressed to film mode, where users can control 8 sections individually and create stunning pixel effects.

Users can control the unit by DMX/RDM, as well as control it using the 3 rotary knobs that enable quick access to the different control parameters. For remote applications, the EclPanel TWC has available CRMX by LumenRadio, and a 4-pin XRL connection, compatible with industry-standard external batteries.

There is a wide range of accessories available, including ones by DoP Choice like the SnapBag®, SnapGrid®, Rabbit-Ears®, and SnapBox®, along with a pole-operated yoke, a trolley bag, rain covers, and many more.

Since its first launch in 2019, the EclPanel TWC has become a reference product for many industry-leading rental houses in the film sector, particularly in the United Kingdom and across Europe. The soft light has also become a reference in virtual studios and TV, with broadcasters like Channel 9 in Australia and Telemadrid in Spain adopting them for their studios.