NewTek’s Streamin’ Daemons UHD Boosts Your Video Production Output

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NewTek, the leader in IP-based video technology and part of the Vizrt Group, has yet again produced a new product to help visual storytellers bring more content to their consumers: Streamin’ Daemons UHD (Ultra High-energy Drink).

Formulated specially for the unique needs of live video production professionals, NewTek’s Streamin’ Daemons UHD balances the need for copious amounts of energy, attention to detail, constant alertness – with great taste.

At NewTek, we’ve brought many innovations to market to make video even easier, engaging, and compelling. These solutions include the TriCaster 2 Elite, the complete video production system that is simply better than broadcast; Live Call Connect, to enable remote guests and talent to be included seamlessly into shows; the PTZ UHD, bringing audiences all the action in beautiful, crisp detail; and the 3Play 3P2, with native IP Replay in Stunning 4K.

NewTek now celebrates the storytellers behind all that great content. This exclusive and very limited-edition drink is being shipped to visual storytellers as a thank you for their outstanding work in helping keep the world informed, connected and entertained with more stories, better told.

Cans are available to buy at:

NewTek does have a select number of complimentary cans for those willing to show off their NewTek setups on social media with the hashtag #SDVS! Contact the NewTek team at and let us know that you would like a free can to pose with your NewTek workflow for a photo shoot. NewTek will do its best to send a can your way…while supplies last, of course!