In Memoriam: Jay Perdue

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Its with a heavy heart that I share the devastating news that owner and founder of Perdue Acoustics, Jay Perdue, passed away on the night of 3.15.23. Jays passing was sudden and completely unexpected. Jay was on vacation in Long Key, FL. He had spent the day snorkeling and hanging out on the beach with his wife of 47 years, Vicki Perdue and his youngest son, Jesse, who lives in Long Key. Jay and Vicki had taken a few days off before hitting the ground running this week in FL doing rep and dealer
visits all week. Jay had a massive heart attack that night after dinner.

Jay has left a huge hole in all of our hearts. If you had the opportunity to know Jay and be blessed by his friendship, or just be in his presence for only a few minutes, you know the impact he had on all of those around him. Jay was a trailblazer in all things acoustics, and had such an amazing gift to communicate with extraordinary passion for those things dear to his heart. The world has lost a leader and innovator when it comes to understanding the practicality and simplicity of acoustics.

Perdue Acoustics will continue to push forward, break records and set the standard for what rooms should sound like. Thankfully, we’ve had over 35 years of Jays leadership and love poured into this company, and its leadership. Although it may be tough emotionally, we are well equipped to continue to serve our community, our dealers, our reps and customers! With our combined 150+ years of experience, I’m confident that we are more than capable of meeting your acoustical needs.

Character and integrity will remain the number one priority in serving our customers and community, and we will continue to unapologetically design and suggest room treatment that gets the results needed for & rated speech intelligibility and low frequency absorption. The office team that youve grown to know over the years is still in place and ready to help you in any way possible. You can always reach me, (Cale McMellon) with any issues that arise and as always, Ill be happy
to help any way I can!

At this time, I am unable to provide any service details as they’ve not been finalized yet. We are anticipating a service to happen sometime this weekend, but nothing is confirmed at this time. We are still waiting for his body to be transported from FL to TX. Mrs. Vicki and her family, Joab & Melissa Perdue & Jesse Perdue, send their love and deepest appreciation for all the calls, text and emails that have been coming in offering condolences. Your prayers are greatly appreciated during this time and we can honestly say we feel the peace and presence of God helping us through this time. Although its extremely difficult, sad and emotional, we are at peace all at the same time.
We know the Lord will never leave us nor forsake us!

With love and appreciation,

Cale McMellon