Faithlife, makers of integrated church technology products, today released a new Preaching Suite powered by Logos Bible Software. The new product provides pastors with an end-to-end solution to manage the entire lifecycle of their sermons and their primary job of preaching the Word.

As the first fully integrated comprehensive preaching solution for busy pastors, the Logos Preaching Suite is designed to assist pastors at every stage of the process: planning, scheduling, research, writing, delivering, sharing, archiving and reusing.

“We are elated to release the Preaching Suite as an all-encompassing management system for pastors,” said Bob Pritchett, Faithlife co-founder and CEO. “We’ve carefully thought through what pastors need to stay organized and best serve their congregations and believe that this latest platform will help them as they dive into and effectively deliver God’s Word.”

Learning the needs of pastors, Faithlife developed the Preaching Suite as a solution to the challenges most commonly faced by church leaders today.

“Pastors rarely have enough time to prepare their sermons while keeping up with all their other pastoral responsibilities without neglecting their families,” said Phil Gons, vice president of Bible study products at Faithlife. “The Preaching Suite helps pastors streamline the everyday tasks of their preaching ministry to give them more time to serve their flocks, their families, and their communities.”

The consolidated solution equips pastors to remain organized throughout their planning process and prepare sermons in less time. Incorporating the latest technology, planning, preparing, presenting and publishing can be completed all in one place, in a single integrated system.

The Preaching Suite is included in Faithlife’s newest integrated ministry platform, Faithlife Equip, and builds on the preaching tools in the newly released Logos Bible Software 9. Its sermon writing tools are also now available on the iPad version of the Logos app, making it easier to work on sermons on the go in the midst of busy ministry life. The Preaching Suite also includes access to Faithlife Sermons, a rich library of sermons, outlines, illustrations, media, and more.

To learn more about the Preaching Suite, visit

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