Elation Fuze Wash 500™ LED Fresnel moving head shipping now

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Elation Professional is pleased to be expanding its Fuze Series with the full-color-spectrum Fuze Wash 500™, a compact yet powerful LED Fresnel moving head fixture with zoom designed for theater, television, events and a wide array of other precision lighting applications where a high-quality soft field of light is required. The Fuze Wash 500 is shipping now. 

Full-spectrum, soft field light 

The Fuze Wash 500 excels at producing the soft field light that designers require when highlighting performers or scenery on stage. The unit offers full-spectrum performance from a 92+ CRI engine that utilizes a 500W 5-color homogenized LED array of Red, Green, Blue, Mint, and Amber sources, the same color system found in the Fuze Profile™/Spot™ and Fuze MAX Profile™/Spot™ for a perfectly calibrated color match.  

Saturates, pastels, tunable white 

The RGBMA engine, calibrated at a native color temperature of 6500 Kelvin, emits beautifully diffused saturates and soft-field pastels, including tunable white light. The carefully tuned LEDs ensure accurate color reproduction both to the eye and to the camera while delivering a powerful output of up to 17,000 lumens. It is powerful enough to use in all sizes of rigs and because it is remarkably silent, it can be utilized in any noise sensitive environment. 

Color management 

The unit can adjust for light that shifts away from pure white towards green or magenta through a green/magenta shift adjustment and a virtual gel library. Virtual color correction from 2400K – 8500K plus CMY emulation give designers access to an impressive LED color array including beautiful mixed whites. Capable of matching the white balance for camera, users can easily shift the color temperature without the use of plus/minus green gels and filters. The unit is fully optimized for broadcast environments with an LED refresh rate that is DMX adjustable so there is no flickering when used with high-speed cameras.  

Beam control, dimming, shutter 

Automated zoom control allows for easy adjustment of the beam size from 10° to 45° for narrow beams to wide washes. Optional motorized barndoors plus an optional indexable ovalizer lens are available for additional beam control. Dimming of the LED engine is smooth and stepless with variable 16-bit dimming curve modes available to suit any application. A high-speed electronic shutter and strobe can be engaged for further impression. 

Professional control and connections 

The Fuze Wash 500 is multi-channel DMX controllable with full RDM, Art-Net, sACN and Elation E-Fly wireless support. A host of connection features come standard like locking 5-pin XLR In/Out, IP65 locking power In/Out, and locking RJ45 Ethernet In/Out. Operation is simple via a 4-button touch control panel with full-color 180° reversible LCD menu display that makes navigation through settings uncomplicated. A USB connection is also included for firmware updates.  

Compact and lightweight yet built to endure on-the-road handling for years of service in a permanent installation, the Fuze Wash 500 will create beautiful bright washes on any stage while offering all the benefits of LED lighting like greater reliability, a long life LED rating, and overall less maintenance. 

About Elation Professional 

Based in California with facilities in Florida and Mexico City, as well as European offices in The Netherlands, Elation designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of innovative lighting products known for its superior performance, excellent efficiency, and outstanding price:value ratio, all backed by a hard-earned reputation for Total Support. Elation also offers an advanced line of lighting control products through Obsidian Control Systems, as well as a full range of dependable specialty effects called Magmatic. Our mission has always been simple: to provide best-in-class products and service while offering the best value:performance ratio in the industry. Elation products continue to be a part of the industry’s most exciting projects across the globe. We invite you to take a closer look at www.elationlighting.com