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Do you wish you had on/off audio control on your favorite mic? Need to kill audio quickly without running to the soundboard or calling for the sound guy? Add an on/off button to any mic or line signal XLR input with the new Sescom SES-IL-LPTT microphone switch. This passive XLR connector switch needs no power supply and easily plugs directly into the end of your microphone without adding more cables and weight. The output end plugs directly into your mic cable.

The lightweight switch features a readily identifiable red button that, when pressed, turns on communication and allows signal to pass, and, when pressed again, mutes the signal entirely. The button securely latches after each press to ensure reliable operation during live performances.

The switch also detects whether phantom power is present in the signal. If phantom power is present, a blue LED will illuminate when the signal is activated. The light remains dark if there is no phantom power.

Ideal for ministers, speakers, teachers, musicians, broadcasters, or anyone who cannot control the soundboard but needs to mute and activate a mic, this switch is an easy-to-use solution for use in live performances, recording, podcasts, lectures, sermons, streaming and more.  Musician and Sescom Technical Support, Dan McCabe comments, “I’ve tested this handy switch on stage with my band while performing in various venues and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. It plugs right into my microphone like it was meant to be there and there is no popping when pressing the button to turn the signal off or on. I can quickly kill the mic in a pinch without needing to adjust board levels, and the “cough” feature allows me to momentarily cut the signal so that I can speak to bandmates without the audience hearing.”

The XLR female input and XLR male output are labeled at the appropriate ends so there is no question about which end to plug into the microphone and which end to connect to the cable. Cost-effective and easy to install, the unit is housed in a lightweight, streamlined, and rugged case to deliver years of trouble-free use.

The SES-IL-LPTT also conveniently serves as a ‘cough’ switch at any event to temporarily turn the sound off when an unwanted noise occurs and just as easily can be turned back on.

Also available in a more rugged inline model is the SES-MKP-LPTT that is installed between two XLR cables and is housed in a durable black anodized aluminum shell for repeated, trouble-free, quick control of mic or line level audio signals. Perfect for mounting to a desk to instantly mute mics during podcasts, lectures, house of worship services, and more.