The Updated Driver Offers Advanced Control Over Input and Output Groups, Flexible Integration With Reassignable Volume Controls, Endpoint Customization, and an Updated UI for Easy Management of Sources Within a Zone

Blackwire Designs, a leading distributor in the custom installation and Pro AV markets, today announced it has unveiled a major update to its Yamaha MTX Universal Driver for Control4, introducing a range of new features designed to enhance the functionality and flexibility of the driver.

“This driver and custom interface are unique to Control4, offering a level of control and customization not found in other solutions. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that this driver offers unmatched control and flexibility for integrators and end-users alike,” said Seth Johnson, Software Development Manager at Blackwire Designs. “With the addition of DCA Input and Output Groups, the ability to reassign the native Control4 room volume control, customizable endpoints, and other features, this driver sets a new standard for flexibility and usability in audio control systems.”

The Yamaha MTX Universal Driver for Control4 is designed for commercial installations as well as some residential installations where mixing or microphones may be required. The updated driver includes new DCA Input Groups for both volume and mute, allowing for post-fader control over groups of input devices. This feature is useful especially for venues with multiple microphones that need to be grouped together for control. New DCA Output Groups for volume and mute enable more advanced zone configurations and single control points for stereo zones and subwoofers. Integrators can also reassign the native Control4 room volume control to use the Matrix output, Router Output, Zone Output, or DCA Output Group as a control target, offering the most flexible integration for any install. To provide further customization, all controllable endpoints now have exposed variables for custom programming within Control4 Composer.

Additionally, the driver features an updated Channel Input UI button that supports toggling a Matrix Send input on a per-zone basis. This customization allows for a simple, icon-driven interface to control sources such as microphones within a single zone. Each icon can be configured to display as a microphone, wall plate, or generic button and can be assigned one of seven colors to help the end user quickly identify what is being controlled. These features provide installers and end users with a clean, customizable, and easy-to-use interface in Control4 Navigator for touchscreens, tablets, and smartphones.

Licenses for the updated Yamaha MTX Universal Driver for Control4 are available to order now at a list price of $900.00. To operate the driver, users will need an MTX3 or MTX5-D, a Control4 processor, and a mobile navigator device or touchscreen.

More information on Blackwire Designs and its products and services is available at

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