Blackwire Designs, a leading distributor in custom installation and Pro AV markets, is excited to announce the release of VideoWall Pro for Control4, a revolutionary new app designed for four to nine TV video wall setups. Additionally, Blackwire is introducing a significant UI update for MultiView Pro, enhancing its capabilities and user experience.

VideoWall Pro for Control4
VideoWall Pro is a groundbreaking application, the first of its kind for Control4 systems. It offers an intuitive interface with image preview, compatible with Control4 T4 touch screens, tablets, and mobile navigator devices (iPad and Android). This app allows users to manage all aspects of their video wall from a single screen, eliminating the need to switch rooms to change or control sources. Key features include:

  • Comprehensive Control: Users can independently select audio sources, adjust room volume, and mute controls, all from one interface.
  • Compatibility: The VideoWall Pro app works seamlessly with AVPro Edge MXNet 1G, AVPro Edge MXNet 10G, and all Just Add Power Systems.
  • Ease of Use: Users can easily configure and install the VideoWall Pro app using standard Control4 bindings, with no custom programming required.
  • Flexible Layouts: The app supports various video wall configurations, including 2×2, 2×3, and 3×3 layouts.

This innovative app sets a new standard in video wall management for Control4 users, combining functionality and simplicity.

MultiView Pro for Control4 With Updated UI
In addition to the launch of VideoWall Pro, Blackwire has refreshed the Multiview Pro UI to align with the new VideoWall Pro design, ensuring continuity and a seamless user experience. Multiview Pro, designed for single TV setups with advanced picture-in-picture options, now supports AVPro 10G systems, enhancing its functionality and integration.

  • Refreshed Interface: Multiview Pro stands out with a modern, user-friendly interface that matches the new VideoWall Pro style.
  • Enhanced Support: Blackwire has recently updated the driver to support AVPro 10G systems, providing more flexibility and options for users.

“The MultiView Pro and VideoWall Pro drivers are designed to adapt to the challenges of any video systems installation, no matter how complex,” said Kevin Luther, owner of Blackwire Designs.“With the update to Blackwire’s Pro interface drivers, dealers can further update their Control4 systems with the latest innovations from major brands, right out of the box.”

Both the MultiView Pro and VideoWall Pro drivers for Control4 are currently available starting at an MSRP of $1,500. Depending on the system, dealers may need additional specialized equipment offered from Just Add Power and AVPro Edge that can all be purchased from Blackwire Designs and optionally ship pre-configred at no extra charge.

More information on Blackwire is available at

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