Get the crowd pumping with Elation’s new PULSE BAR! Joining the PULSE PANEL and PULSE PANEL FX in Elation’s new PULSE line of high-impact lights, the PULSE BAR is a highly impactful strobe and visual effect bar that injects dynamism and spark into any performance.

Available in one-meter and half-meter lengths (PULSE BAR L, PULSE BAR S), both models incorporate zone-controllable 1.5W RGB LEDs along its perimeter, 5W cool-white LEDs at its center, and 1.5W RGB LEDs at its core. Whether adding rhythmic flashes that synchronize with the music or crafting special effects for a more visually stimulating experience, customizable zone control of both the RGB and CW LEDs opens up for a myriad of design possibilities. The PULSE BAR allows you to infuse your performance with intense, attention-grabbing moments of white or colored light that enhance the energy of the moment. A library of customizable RGB and CW strobe effects along with variable dimming modes and curves are included for quick programming.

The PULSE BAR features the same RGB and CW LEDs as the PULSE PANEL and PULSE PANEL FX for a perfect match, and feature the same effects engine and control capabilities as well. Designed for ultimate flexibility, an integrated accessory slot accommodates optional diffusion filters, ND filters and other optics. Both the PULSE BAR L and PULSE BAR S feature Elation’s market-leading IP65 protection, a durability standard that not only protects them from weather and harsh environments, even coastal locations, but also serves to protect the internal components and electronics from dust and debris that can wreak havoc on fixtures. The fanless convection cooling guarantees silent operation, making them ideal for noise-sensitive environments as well. The PULSE BAR’s innovative housing allows for end-to-end interconnection and includes integrated L track for flexible mounting and positioning. Trunnions designed for attachment to the L track can be fixed at multiple points to optimize positioning around objects or obstacles.

The PULSE BAR includes the same interlocking mechanism as the PULSE PANEL, so the bars can be locked together end to end or connected to the PULSE PANEL for seamless designs. Controlled via DMX/RDM, Art-Net, sACN, and KlingNet protocols, the PULSE BAR also features proprietary Aria x2 wireless device management for simplified system setup and maintenance. Create more vibrant lighting displays for concerts, events or theatrical productions. Accentuate scenic, create patterns, shapes, or even animated sequences that add depth, interest, and artistic flair to designs. When the moment calls for high-impact bursts of light and visually striking effects, look no further. The PULSE BAR delivers!

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