Elation has merged explosive strobe power with design creativity in the new PULSE series and are pleased to announce that two highly versatile effects in the linethe PULSE PANEL and PULSE PANEL FXare now shipping. Designers have asked for effect lights that are more than a one-trick pony and the PULSE PANEL and PULSE PANEL FX deliver with multi-functionality as a powerful strobe, bright blinder, high-output wash light or creative eye candy effect in one.  

Perfect for concerts, nightclubs, and theatrical spectacles, or any event craving electrifying visuals, the PULSE PANEL and PULSE PANEL FX infuse any performance with attention-grabbing moments of intense white or colored light. Both fixtures incorporate zone-controllable RGB and cool-white LEDs, 1152 1.5W RGB LEDs establishing the foundation with 288 5W cool-white LEDs at its center, and 96 1.5W RGB LEDs at its core. Some 144 5W cool-white LEDs line the perimeter. When combined, output is jaw-dropping at over 100,000 total lumens!   

“We saw what existed in the market with the standard tilting strobe and knew we wanted to create a more visually dynamic effect with higher impact,” comments Bob Mentele, Associate Product Manager at Elation. “We added the CW LEDs on the outer edges to offer more output and visual impact and then capped those with a custom linear prismatic lens we had developed for our Proteus Rayzor Blade fixtures. To expand its capabilities even further, we included a single line of RGB LEDs right at the center to add extra color to the fixture, or they can be set to mirror the center CW strobe LEDs. All of these elements combine to create a fixture we’ve really become excited to offer to the market.” 

Crafting effects 

Whether adding rhythmic flashes that synchronize with the music or crafting special effects for a more visually stimulating experience, customizable zone control of both the RGB and CW LEDs opens up for a myriad of design possibilities. Both fixtures also include a library of customizable RGB and CW strobe effects along with variable dimming modes and curves for quick programming.  

“We spent a lot of time thinking about the built-in effects for the fixture and how to make it easier for programmers to control, or to save time in creating effects,” Mentele says. “The library of effects has been created to allow the user to control numerous parameters of the output being created. Speed, direction, color and size of the effect can all be adjusted as desired.” 

One of the most notable features of the PULSE PANEL FX is its ability to pan or spin its LED panel in an endless 360° rotation while 180° tilt adds an extra layer of dynamism. This gives users not only the ability to spin the LEDs endlessly, but also create tilted angle offsets and waves along a line of panels, expanding on the visual impact and creativity a designer can achieve.  

Creative control 

Controlled via DMX, RDM, Art-Net, sACN, and KlingNet protocols, both fixtures also feature proprietary Aria x2 wireless device management for simplified system setup and maintenance. The PULSE PANEL FX allows for the use of two separate universes to control the fixture, one for fixture movement and another for LED control, allowing users to control the LEDs from a media server or separate content control device.  

Smart housing 

Both fixtures feature Elation’s market-leading IP65 protection, a durability standard that not only protects them from weather and harsh environments, but also serves to protect the internal components and electronics from dust and debris that can wreak havoc on fixtures. The PULSE PANEL’s housing includes a unique interlocking mechanism that allows the unit to be hung vertically or horizontally from other PULSE PANEL fixtures, or SŌL Blinder frame arrays. The unit also integrates airline track on the top and bottom, and the housing can accept optional diffusion filters, ND filters and other optics.  

 More PULSE  

Coming soon in the PULSE series are linear PULSE BAR strobe and visual effects that feature the same RGB and CW LEDs for a perfect match, and feature the same effects engine and control capabilities as well. The PULSE BARs also include the same interlocking mechanism as the PULSE PANEL, so the bars can be locked together end to end or connected to the PULSE PANEL.   

 Perfect for concerts, nightclubs, and theatrical spectacles, or any event craving electrifying visuals, the PULSE series is set to ignite creative moments of sheer exhilaration.  

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