Obsidian Control Systems is pleased to introduce ONYX 4.10, the latest iteration of the popular lighting control software for NX consoles and PC systems. ONYX 4.10 includes a host of improvements—new features and bug fixes—aimed at streamlining navigation for an even more intuitive lighting control experience while opening up new possibilities for creative programming. 

NDI Streaming Video  

ONYX now supports the NDI network protocol, facilitating real-time transmission of audio and video signals over networks. Users can seamlessly capture high-quality streaming video feeds directly from external media servers into the DyLOS library. This upgrade feature allows for a fluid transmission of video content over all lighting, video walls, and projectors, empowering designers to fully manage visual elements in any event space. Additionally, NDI streaming enhances compatibility with ProPresenter, a popular presentation software often utilized in worship environments. 

Enhanced Audio Input, Filter and Analyzer 

ONYX 4.10 introduces audio input, filter, and analyzer processors (including NDI and ASIO), enabling manipulation of graphics based on audio input. This includes features like beat-tap processing, Ableton support, third-party ASIO driver support, MIDI Clock support, and more. These enhancements cater to the specific needs of designers working on high-energy lighting programming typical of music festivals, EDM shows or clubs, offering greater flexibility and control over audio-responsive visual effects. 

Enhanced Override options 

Output overrides, including Park, Default, Highlight, and Offset, are now available as customizable presets within a dedicated programmer context. This allows users to fine-tune output settings with greater precision, making it easier and faster to manipulate cues and achieve the desired lighting effect. 
Added Exterior Trigger support 

ONYX now includes direct support for exterior triggers, with added compatibility for Telnet and UDP commands for cue triggering. This new feature simplifies cue activation and is particularly beneficial in integration scenarios such as themed environments where external triggering systems are commonly utilized. 

 And there is much more! ONYX 4.10 represents a significant advancement in the ONYX lighting control platform with a comprehensive suite of new tools and functionalities. Full ONYX 4.10 release notes and ONYX 4.10 software download is available here.   


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