Obsidian Control Systems has achieved tremendous success with its popular NETRON line of DMX/RDM Splitters and Ethernet to DMX gateways and is pleased to now offer the world’s first IP66 range of data distribution devices for entertainment applications.  

Available now are a 6-port EtherDMX Node (EN6 IP), a 6-port DMX/RDM Splitter (RDM6 IP), and an 8-port managed POE Switch (NS8 IP). 

The NETRON IP66 range, which was recognized at the 2023 PLASA tradeshow with an Award for Innovation, blends the proven chassis and connector technology of Elation’s market-leading IP65 Proteus range of lighting fixtures with the NETRON data platform. Utilizing a custom-designed sealed chassis and die-cast body, impact resistant paint, IP ports and touch controls, the NETRON IP66 range provides reliable data distribution for any location that requires dust and moisture protection.  

Shows, events, and concert touring has seen a tremendous increase in outdoor performances with lighting, video and sound exposed to the elements. Yet despite the immense amount of IP-rated entertainment technology on the market, until now, there has been no IP-rated data distribution devices to provide the required infrastructure for shows and events.  

“Rugged IP-rated lighting data nodes that align with our leading Proteus range have truly been missing from the market,” stated Matthias Hinrichs, product manager at Obsidian Control Systems and Elation. “These are simple yet sorely needed products to support the ever-increasing number and scale of outdoor shows and events, as well as a multitude of other applications that require rugged and reliable data solutions. They represent a significant step forward in addressing the needs of the entertainment industry and now lighting professionals can operate with greater confidence in any environment.” 

No longer does the lighting technician need to add questionable custom enclosures to ensure the integrity of the lighting system in adverse environments. Because the NETRON IP66 devices are resilient to outdoor and other challenging environments, there is less downtime, minimizing disruptions to events. And because they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the same product can be used in various settings, reducing the need for separate inventory. Investing in IP66-rated products at the outset can help avoid potential costs associated with equipment failure, water damage, or downtime due to subpar protection against the elements. With less downtime and a reduced need for frequent maintenance or replacements, cost savings can be substantial. 

Engineered with precision to ensure reliability and high performance, NETRON devices excel in the management of complex networked lighting systems and have been created to integrate flawlessly with the ONYX Control platform, providing a perfect fusion of functionality and adaptability. Moreover, NETRON devices are compatible with all other manufacturers’ lighting control systems, making it a universal solution for a multitude of setups. 

More info on the new NETRON IP66 range can be found at https://obsidiancontrol.com/netron  

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