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It is with an abundance of caution that Technologies for Worship Magazine has made the difficult decision to run digital-only issues for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We feel that switching the magazine to a digital format offers us the opportunity to provide more information, faster, without having to worry about the production and mail delays that are inevitable in this current environment, and also ensures the magazine is reaching our audience directly, instead of mailing to a church facility where they might not be readily seen until some social distancing strictures have been lifted.

Our commitment to providing houses of worship with timely, relevant information for their tech teams has not changed; our magazine will continue to provide strong editorial across a broad range of subjects from A (audio) to V (video), and everything in between. We will also be adding more content online at, including an all new Online Education section, where we will be linking to webinars, vlogs, articles and other learning opportunities to help house of worship techs and volunteers as they strive to provide technical excellence during worship. We will also be producing bonus content, like our new Streaming Guide to help churches stay spiritually connected despite being socially distanced.

Although our magazine is open source and you don’t need to subscribe to read it, we do encourage you to take a few minutes to subscribe in order to receive an email notification when each issue goes live.

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