Yasser Tejeda Creates Electrifying Sounds With Maestro

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Growing up inspired by the rock icons of MTV and watching Slash shred, Dominican-born Yasser Tejeda knew he was destined for a career in the music industry. Now a successful musician, guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer, Tejeda started as a self-taught artist driven solely by his passion for music. By the time he graduated from both the Conservatorio Nacional de Música (National Conservatory of Music) in the Dominican Republic and Berklee College of Music in Boston, Tejeda had played almost every style of music, from classical and jazz to the blues and funk, and even hardcore and Afro-Dominican fusion. He now pulls from those experiences for his work with collective/band, Freelance, as well as his own projects for his self-titled band, Yasser Tejeda.

With Freelance’s second album in the works, Tejeda was able to put Maestro ElectronicsRanger Overdrive and Comet Chorus to the test during recording sessions at Kaleidoscope Sound in New Jersey. “I used the Ranger Overdrive to record the guitar leads for our upcoming album,” he says. “It’s great for leads, as it provides power without being so overwhelming or heavy that it’s super loud. It’s also very warm and has such a clean and crisp tone while still allowing you to feel the power of the Overdrive. There’s a lot of variety in the sounds that you can get with the Overdrive as well when you fully explore it.”

When it comes to the Comet Chorus, Tejeda loves the versatility that the pedal provides. “It gives such a nice color; I like to use it for clean tracks to give them a different vibe,” he says. “It has a certain depth that creates a nice space. It’s also great for recording applications because you have so many options. Depending on what style you’re going for, you can dial it in and explore. If I put it on one setting and play this type of chord, it will sound one way. Then, with the same setting, just playing higher and picking differently, you have a totally different sound. I know I have such a long way to go with experimenting with this pedal, but the Comet Chorus has really impressed me. I’ve let other guitarists try the Chorus, and they are just as happy with it as I am.”

Since getting his hands on these pedals, Tejeda has been embracing the new sounds and diving into everything they have to offer. For both studio and stage, he says he has loved the way they shape his sound. “I was originally taking my time with the pedals,” he adds, “but I decided to take them to a few shows to get used to them, and I just fell in love. The first thing I did when I got the Comet Chorus was to see if I could get the Dominican-style Bachata sound. I know that if I could play Bachata, then the Chorus would be a win – and it definitely was. I now use both pedals with my band at live shows, and the Chorus is great for playing not only Bachata, but also Merengue, Kompa, and Bolero.”

Tejeda says he also looks forward to trying out the rest of Maestro’s Original Collection, which now features a total of 10 pedals, ranging from the classic Fuzz-Tone FZ-M and Orbit Phaser to the Invader Distortion and Titan Boost. “I would love to check them all out,” he says wistfully. “Analog pedals are my favorite because they’re so easy. You don’t have to do anything digital, like searching or going into a system and downloading. You just take the knob, and everything is right there. As for the Ranger Overdrive and Comet Chorus, I’ll definitely be experimenting with them more, and I can’t wait to bring them out for sessions as a permanent addition to my pedalboard.”