Yamaha Releases Best of Motif Bank for MX Series Synths

In Product Newsby tfwm

Yamaha today announced the release of the Best of MOTIF Bank (or B.O.M.B.) for MX—a performance bank designed to turn the most commonly used Motif Voices into 128 single part, highly expressive performances for use on the company’s portable MX49 and MX61 series synthesizers.

This expansive library, derived from the world famous Yamaha Motif Music Production Synthesizer, features a wide assortment of “Bread and Butter” piano, electric piano, organ and clav Voices that are on tour and on stage across the country. Best of all, these performances can be enjoyed on the company’s lightweight MX series keyboards, which weigh less than 10 pounds each.

“The B.O.M.B. was created by keyboard players for keyboard players who don’t want to sacrifice sound quality for portability,” said Nate Tschetter, marketing manager, Music Production, Yamaha Corporation of America. “The sound quality of the Motif Sound Engine, portability of the MX and incredible usefulness of the B.O.M.B. give keyboardists a great ‘grab and go’ instrument for rehearsals. It’s also the perfect ‘second keyboard’ for adding synth textures to your piano, organ or weighted action synth on a gig.”

The B.O.M.B. performance library is available for purchase at Yamaha MusicSoft for $9.99 until December 31 (regular price is $19.99), or free with a purchase of an MX series synthesizer between now and the end of the year. To download, please visit http://4wrd.it/THEBOMB. To watch a demo, please visit http://4wrd.it/MXBOMBDEMO