WXTV Univision Nueva York uses Lighting in Rebrand

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Worldwide, May 15, 2019–WXTV Univision Nueva York recently rebranded the TV station with a new set design. Matt Gordon, Lighting Designer and President of Eastern Lighting Design, designed the lighting to create an impact on the people he was highlighting on set.

The new set included; the main desk, video wall, the interview area, traffic and weather, touch screen and a chroma key area. Integrating many different lighting fixtures and brands, Matt has been able to provide a WOW factor for WXTV’s new brand image.

WXTV services the Greater New York Area, delivering daily headlines in a flexible, dynamic space. Stepping away from traditional news methods the studio is embracing the use of a steadicam, which is not typically seen in a local news market. To have a set design that is flexible means that the lighting design must also be dynamic and flexible ensuring that the newscaster can be anywhere in the studio and can be filmed in any direction. For this reason, the lighting needed to make an impact.

Matt Gordon wanted the fixtures lighting the anchors and news casters to provide broad fields of light without contaminating the background. The biggest challenge Matt faced was the height of the grid. The ceilings were low requiring a compact fixture that could provide the same output and beam spread as a larger soft light. Chroma-Q®’s Studio Force II™ fixture was the ideal light.

“I use these fixtures in most of the studios I design because they provide a nice even field of soft light.” remarked Matt Gordon. “This fixture is compact while providing a soft light that is adjustable to meet the surrounding conditions. If the newscaster is near a window, we can adjust the Studio Force II™ to match the dominant light source.”

“What’s really cool about the Studio Force II™, is that it provides the ability to dial in a specific color temperature.” explains Matt. “This was an important feature for the WXTV set. I didn’t want to be fixed to 3200k, and wanted the ability for the studio to use daylight lighting in the future.”

Adding the barndoor accessories to the fixture allows the light to be focused and not leak into areas it’s not wanted, while the border lens creates a wider beam in both directions, really allowing control and focus for the light.

“WXTV is so pleased with the launch of this cutting-edge studio.” explains Matt. “The new set and lighting design create the impact and rebranding that they were looking for.”

Chroma-Q products were supplied to Eastern Lighting Design by Barbizon Lighting and A.C. Lighting Inc. “I am always amazed by the level of service from both Barbizon and A.C. Lighting Inc. They are always attentive to our needs and quick to resolve any questions we may have.” notes Matt.

For more information, please visit www.aclighting.com.