VocoPro Launches New All-In-One Wireless Mixers with 2 and 4 Mic Inputs

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wirelessmixFor praise singers and worship bands wanting to shave set up time VocoPro introduced its new WirelessMix line of mixers. For more information, please visit www.vocopro.com.

VocoPro’s new WirelessMix is the first all-in-one professional mixing solution: combining an 8- channel mixer, 2 or 4 onboard wireless microphones, and 2 or 4 stereo expansion modules.

This WirelessMix-2 package is equipped with 2 UHF wireless mics and an SD Card recorder/player installed. The new WirelessMix ULTRA comes with 4 wireless mics and transmitters built into the board unit.

The WirelessMix-2 features:

8 Input Channels Available; each with dedicated Tone, Pan & Effect Controls
4 XLR Microphone Inputs with +48 Phantom Power Toggle and Mic Inserts
4 Mono Line Inputs for either Microphones or Instruments
Stereo Inputs Available: 2x L/R ¼” Mono (TS), 2x RCA
Stereo Outputs Available: 2x RCA-Record, 1x L/R XLR-Main
On-Board DSP Microphone Effects: Echo, Repeat, Delay, Reverb & Hiss Filter
Vocal Cancel Feature for Multiplexed Karaoke Tracks
PACKAGE INCLUDES: 2 (or 4 with WirelessMix-ULTRA) UHF wireless handheld Microphone with 2 (or 4 with WirelessMix-ULTRA) receivers installed. (Module Slots Supports up to 4 onboard Wireless Microphone Receiver Modules*: UMH & UMH-5805)
PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 SDR-4 digital SD recorder/player installed (with an additional 3 Stereo Expansion Slots Available for Added Input Capability with our optional Stereo Expansion Modules*: DKP-3, Air-Net 2, & BT-1)
*Sold Separately

WirelessMix-2 — MAP: $499.00 USD
WirelessMix-ULTRA – MAP: $849.00 USD

For more information about VocoPro, please visit www.vocopro.com