The Elite Screens Aeon (AR100WH2) Edge Free® Projection Screen Featured on Fox Channel 11 Good Day LA

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The Aeon Series Fixed Frame 100″ Projector Screen Received Favorable Evaluation from Dr. Gadget on Popular California Morning News Show

Dr Gadget Aeon 2Elite’s Aeon Series was recently featured on Good Day L.A., a popular American morning television news and entertainment program airing on Fox / KTTV (channel 11). Dave Dettman AKA Dr. Gadget, is Americas #1 nationally recognized television and radio personality.

The Aeon Series is a high quality movie screen that features an internal framework within a wraparound material. In his evaluation of the Aeon, Dr. Gadget affirmed that it is a “top shelf, top quality movie screen, and is pretty fabulous”. The screen was featured alongside Viewsonic’s 4K Projector as an ideal companion product.

The Aeon series of projection screens comes with sizes ranging from 84″-200″ sizes with either 16:9 (HDTV) or 2.35:1 (CinemaScope) aspect ratios with a selection of Matte White, Matte Grey, CineGrey® 3D, and Acoustically Transparent materials.

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