The Custom In-Ear Revolution

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Philippe DepallensWe talk with Philippe Depallens discusses how new cutting-edge technology at Ultimate Ears makes getting customs made easier for musicians than ever before.

TFWM: Tell us a bit about Ultimate Ears.

Philippe: When UE was founded, it focused more on just a few products, and about three years ago we decided that just focusing on products wasn’t a good long term investment strategy. We decided we needed to understand our customer and their needs better, in order to delight the customer at all their touch points. We believe we have the opportunity at every touch point to either impress or disappoint a customer, and there is no single point in this stage that isn’t as important as any other stage. We constantly gather feedback from our customers on how we are doing, where they’re at, etc. We review the feedback we’re getting, the issues they’re facing, etc. and make their journey with us easier.
Over the last three years we’ve decided to reinvent UE and have become true partners with musicians on all levels. What we’re trying to do is make the customer journey the best it can be, from research to purchase and, finally, the customer support we offer. Our goal is to remove any barriers related to purchasing and owning a custom In-ear monitor, and make using in-ears so easy that it’s almost a no-brainer for people to move to monitor mixers.

TFWM: UE has revolutionized the way custom in-ears are made. Tell us about this new process.

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